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Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew who met this alien in a shop in Derby.  For some reason, possibly connected to the label on its shoulder, he didn’t buy it.

Andrew's robot

It’s not often that a day completely defeats me when it comes to taking photographs or finding something interesting to write about, but today was one of those occasions so I apologise to anyone who has logged in hoping for entertainment.

It was grey when we got up and it got greyer and windier and wetter as the day went on.

I did go out for a cycle ride after breakfast but when I found myself battling to pedal at 7mph into the wind on a flat piece of road, I gave up the unequal struggle and went home and sulked. Fourteen miles was not what I had hoped for and the camera never came out of my back pocket.

At least I got home before it rained.  Mrs Tootlepedal was out on an errand when it started and got soaked very quickly.

The birds must have been sulking too because this was the most common view of the feeder today by far.

no birds

I almost saw a bird at one point but thereby hangs a tail.

a bird's tail

And when one or two did turn up, the light was too dreadful to get a proper picture.

dim birds

I gave up and devoted the day to writing a little seasonal piece to read at our Langholm choir concert on Friday and doing a lot of practising of songs for both my choirs.  I have got three concerts in three days coming up this weekend.

The day ended in a better way though, as the rain had stopped and the wind had dropped by the time that I walked to the Langholm Choir practice.  At the practice, I sat between two very competent singers and had a most enjoyable time as a result.  I sing a whole lot better when two other people are singing the right notes close beside me!

On my way to the choir practice, I passed a cycle chained to a lamppost.  There are quite a lot of these in Langholm.  In the summer they tend to be festooned with flowers but in winter, the flowers disappear and some of the bikes get suitably decorated for the season.

I don’t really approve of this as a cyclist because it pains me to see perfectly good bicycles used as flower beds or baubles, but there is no denying that they brighten up the town and lots of people like them.

The example I saw tonight is the flying bird of the day.

fancy bike

PS: The weather looks as though it may be even gloomier tomorrow.

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