When you’re smiling

Today’s guest picture is another from Laura. It shows a Lake Michigan winter scene. Our spell of wet and windy weather continued today. Unfortunately, the driest bit of the day was in the morning and I spent it indoors, waiting to go for my dental appointment. I might have gone out for a short walkContinue reading “When you’re smiling”

A useful outing

Today’s guest picture comes from a visit my Somerset correspondent, Venetia, made to Benter Village. She met with some fowl play while she was there. In the way that these things often happen, we got a day of pretty good weather just when I couldn’t make good use of it. My toothache was still badContinue reading “A useful outing”

Pain relief

Today’s guest picture caught the eye of Bruce who was on a visit to Edinburgh’s Grassmarket.  You may need to click on the picture to read it properly. Today started with a visit to the dentist to check on the enduring toothache after my recent tooth extraction.  The dentist peered into my mouth and saidContinue reading “Pain relief”

Not what I had planned

Today’s guest picture is another from my brother-in-law’s collection and shows my sister Caroline at Hilliers Arboretum last year. I had many and various plans for the day.  Dropscone was off playing golf in a tournament for old people and Sandy is still not at his peak so I had a day to fill forContinue reading “Not what I had planned”

Mist opportunity

Today’s picture was sent to me by my daughter.   They are certainly making sure that we know the Olympics are coming. It was far from sunny here once again as this picture which I took on my way back from an early visit to the dentist shows.  I think that the cloud level was evenContinue reading “Mist opportunity”