Home free

Today’s guest picture comes from our friend Bruce. He extended his trip to the east as far as he could go yesterday. This picture was taken while he was walking along the England Coastal Path along the North Sea coast about 3 miles south of Craster. For one reason or another, I wasn’t allowed furtherContinue reading “Home free”

More free miles

Today’s guest picture comes from David, a Langholm exile in New Zealand who is the son of our friend Mike Tinker. David took advantage of a beautiful summer day to walk up Mount Vernon and look back down on Blenheim where he lives. Back in frozen Langholm, I didn’t get the opportunity to cycle toContinue reading “More free miles”

Another day out

Today’s guest picture comes from my sister Susan who was surprised to be shouted at by a dinosaur at Kings Cross station. I had an appointment at the new Dumfries Infirmary for a chest x-ray in the morning so we decided to make a day out of it and Mrs Tootlepedal came across with me. Continue reading “Another day out”