Doctor’s orders

Today’s picture shows a handsome dark tulip. Once again the promised rain arrived and left during the night and we woke to a fine, slightly chilly day.  Dropscone and I enjoyed a quiet tour round the morning run although we had to push to do the last three miles against a brisk north easterly wind. Continue reading “Doctor’s orders”

The north wind doth blow

Today’s picture of unusual multi-story car parking is another from Dropscone’s  sister who is visiting in Switzerland. It was a wonderfully bright and sunny morning and I got up fully dressed and ready to go for a pedal and this enthusiasm lasted until I poked my nose out of the door and had it bittenContinue reading “The north wind doth blow”

Taking the long view

Today’s picture shows a fox at lunch time in an Edinburgh garden and was taken by my son Tony. It was an untypical April day today as it was sunny all day and there were no showers.   On the debit side it was frosty in the morning and only 5° C when Dropscone andContinue reading “Taking the long view”

An easy Sunday morning

Today’s picture, sent by Bruce, shows Guthrie walking his owners in Sheffield during the recent snow.  He should have stayed at home because it was much nicer here. I got up into my cycling gear as the forecast had promised reasonable weather early with rain later and I was very disappointed to find that itContinue reading “An easy Sunday morning”

Battered sole

Today’s picture features Guthrie on his very first walkies.  He brought Bruce with him. Everyone in the town was pleased to see the sun back today after a very gloomy week.  I was considering doing some resting on my bike but the sun was accompanied by a vigorous and chilly wind so I decided thatContinue reading “Battered sole”

The life aquatic

Today’s picture from Susan from Seville shows workmen knocking oranges out of the roadside trees and sweeping them up for disposal.  It’s a marmalade maker’s nightmare.  They need clean pavements and safe roads though. It was far from sunny here today and for the third or fourth day running, the town was shrouded in lowContinue reading “The life aquatic”