Changeable weather

Today’s guest picture, sent to me by a proud parent, shows Maisie, Langholm’s gift to New Zealand, being very pleased to be exactly three years old.  Her grandfather was round for a cup of tea today but hadn’t seen the picture because his electricity was off. It was a fine day when we woke upContinue reading “Changeable weather”

A final feast

Today’s guest picture, sent by Bruce, shows his dog Guthrie in festive mood.  A dog after my own heart. After the brief glimpse of reasonable weather, we were back to rain and strong winds today and there was no opportunity for bird watching at all.  There was a moment of excitement when the two jigsawContinue reading “A final feast”

Flying visit

Today’s picture is another from my sister Mary’s walk yesterday.  I think it was taken in Kew Gardens. That’s a bit more impressive than our pond, though if it keeps on raining like it did today, we may be able to match it soon.  It is a pity that my sister Susan, who is payingContinue reading “Flying visit”

Net gains

Today’s picture shows the afternoon sun in the walnut tree. The morning was once again grey and cold and at 2° C, it was too cold for cycling.  The birds, for whom hunger maybe more of a factor than fear of the sparrowhawk, were back in force. Dropscone came round for coffee and when heContinue reading “Net gains”

More visitors

Today’s picture shows a goldfinch in the rain. Dropscone was detained on other business and I was disheartened by the strong wind and accompanying rain so I gave the cycling a miss today.  I was feeling a bit tired so it was probably good to have a rest.  My day was brightened up by newContinue reading “More visitors”