Getting ready

Today’s guest picture comes from my sister Susan.  She was told by our brother Andrew that she might find an interesting house in Chiswick.  This was it. As we are going to have a very long day in a bus going to Manchester to sing in our choir competition tomorrow, I had a very easyContinue reading “Getting ready”

Into the woods

Today’s guest picture shows the public library in Derby.  My brother, who took the picture, tells me that it was built on the profits from beer.  I hope my youthful indulgences were put to such good use. The forecast had got it right, the weather gods had relented and we were given a perfect day. Continue reading “Into the woods”

Paying the price

Today’s guest picture comes from my restless friend Bruce, who is currently sampling café life in Tallinn in Estonia. As is customary on a Friday, Mrs Tootlepedal went off to visit the world’s greatest baby and as she takes the car for the first part of the journey, I was left to cycle up toContinue reading “Paying the price”

Getting the best of it

Today’s guest picture comes from my Newcastle correspondent and shows her son Leo who was anxious to stop having his picture taken and to get on with getting on to the train at the Tanfield Railway.  Who can blame him. It was the world turned upside down this morning as Dropscone arrived with drop sconesContinue reading “Getting the best of it”

Another mist opportuntiy

Today’s picture comes from my brother’s archive and shows the Chesterfield Canal which he visited in August. It was brilliantly sunny when we woke up and Mrs Tootlepedal was feeling a bit better than yesterday so all looked set for a good day, starting with a morning pedal with Dropscone.   I got up intoContinue reading “Another mist opportuntiy”

Going round in circles

Today’s picture is just to prove that there is a tiny bit of colour in the garden even it is rather biassed towards blue. There was not much colour as Dropscone and I cycled round the morning run but it is slowly getting a bit warmer and today the wind was in a kinder directionContinue reading “Going round in circles”

Regular visit

Today’s picture shows the Regent’s Canal which runs through the heart of London.  It was sent to me by my sister Mary who met it on one of her walks. The sky was blue, the sun was shining, it was very, very cold.  Dropscone was busy so I was able to let the temperature riseContinue reading “Regular visit”


Today’s picture comes from Dropscone and shows the road to Lodgegill along which he rode while I was away on holiday. We would like to have a bit of that fine weather this week but the jet stream has done us down and we are in line for a week of cold and sometimes wetContinue reading “Jubilation”

Don’t get around much any more

Today’s picture was taken by Bob and sent to me by Nancy and shows the Chinese canal town of Zhouzhan which they visited on their recent trip to China.  Those two really get about. I stayed resolutely at home today while Dropscone went round the morning run by himself.  He then came round to swigContinue reading “Don’t get around much any more”

Tyred out

Today’s picture is a fine view of Matlock Baths taken by my brother on his recent venture into the wilds of Derbyshire. The weather continues to be very kind to us and I was able to get up into my cycling clothes and look forward to a sunny pedal.  Dropscone plays golf on a WednesdayContinue reading “Tyred out”