Straight up

Today’s guest guest picture comes from my Somerset correspondent, Venetia. She has been visiting local gardens, and kindly sent me this picturesque scene. We had another lovely spring day here, not sunny all the time, but sunny enough to keep us cheerful. I dillied and dallied a bit, doing some tidying up and shredding ofContinue reading “Straight up”

Onegesius makes a brief appearance

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew who recently added to his fine swan gallery. It wasn’t freezing this morning but the recent run of chilly nights had been too much for our long suffering magnolia. It was a very sad sight. Mrs Tootlepedal was slightly better this morning, probably because she had managedContinue reading “Onegesius makes a brief appearance”

A molehill and a mountain

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew. It shows one of his hanging baskets which has survived some pretty some pretty unfriendly weather over recent days. We had another day here which was far better than early forecasts for the week had suggested. Although it was not very warm, the sun shone a lot,Continue reading “A molehill and a mountain”

Going the wrong way

Today’s guest picture comes from our daughter Annie. Down in the soft south they have peach blossom out in their garden. We had another frosty morning here today, so, in spite of the fact that it was followed by quite a nice day, the advance of spring was slowed again. When I looked round theContinue reading “Going the wrong way”

Two good sings and more good signs

Today’s guest picture comes from our friend Gavin. Taken exactly 12 years ago to the day, his picture shows Mrs Tootlepedal and Gavin’s granddaughter, Hannah hunting for frogs when they both were young. We had dry and calm weather when we cycled to church to sing with the church choir this morning. Choir numbers (7)Continue reading “Two good sings and more good signs”


Today’s guest picture comes from our son Alistair who spotted something interesting. We had another definitely springlike day here today. It was pleasantly warm and almost entirely dry. There was not as much sunshine as we would have liked by any means, but just not having any more rain was enough to stop us complainingContinue reading “Powerless”

Pushing my luck

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew. He was in London helping to sort out my late sister Susan’s affairs and took a moment off to go up the river by boat. I was up early this morning on another gloomy day as I had to take our car to Carlisle to get newContinue reading “Pushing my luck”

A pedal and a prayer

Today’s guest picture comes from our daughter Annie who is in Abu Dhabi at the moment. She says that it is almost as good as being in East Wemyss. We were neither in East Wemyss nor Abu Dhabi today so we were not surprised to wake up to another cold, grey day with a north-easterlyContinue reading “A pedal and a prayer”

Compost cycle camera (and a crocus)

Today’s guest picture comes from my sister Mary. She visited Temple Church near the river today. It was a sunny day here, which was very welcome after a string of grey days, but what the weather gods give with one hand, they take back with the other. It was -2°C when we got up. IContinue reading “Compost cycle camera (and a crocus)”

Hunting the hugger

Today’s guest picture comes from our daughter Annie. It shows the sparkly cloak that our granddaughter Evie was wearing today. Some children have all the luck We had a very far from sparkling day here today. The weather varied between grey and very grey, not quite drizzling and actually drizzling. On the plus side, itContinue reading “Hunting the hugger”