Goodbye sunshine

Today’s guest picture shows Dunstanburgh Castle on the north-east coast of England.  Gavin walked past it in the sunshine while on the Craster coastal walk yesterday. The authorities have decided that a single day of crisp sunshine was all that we deserved and we were back to the warm, wet and grey weather again today. Continue reading “Goodbye sunshine”

Rule of thirds

Today’s guest picture comes from my neighbour Liz, who lives just across the road but who has sent me this photograph of a geyser in the Maori Village at Whakarewarewe,New Zealand, from the other side of the world (where she is on holiday). We had a bit of a shock when we woke up toContinue reading “Rule of thirds”

Après moi le deluge

Today’s picture shows Maisie’s father practising the sort of behaviour he will need when she is a little bit older and asks if she can stay out late. The forecasters are making sure that no one shouts at them for saying that the weather is going to be better than it actually turns out toContinue reading “Après moi le deluge”

Another birthday

It was my middle sister Mary’s birthday today and the picture of the day shows her modestly raising a glass to herself in reply to a toast. We could have done with a bit of her London sunshine today as we had yet another grey day here.  It was quite a bit warmer than yesterdayContinue reading “Another birthday”

Run away

Today’s picture shows the nice shiny bike my daughter has just purchased for braving the streets of London. It has been well reviewed and she tells me that it is much lighter than her previous bike which can only be good.  She is of course putting mudguards on it. The reason that I took soContinue reading “Run away”

Miserable day

Today’s picture shows a bridge over a local brook crossed by my brother on a recent walk near Banbury. It was snowing when we woke up this morning but it was insubstantial stuff and although it persisted for an hour or two, it disappeared from the ground as quickly as it had come.  The snowContinue reading “Miserable day”

Escaping the worst

Today’s picture, sent to me by Tony, shows the effect of the storm near his house in Edinburgh. Although it was windy and wet enough to blow water through our end wall yet again (boohoo!) we escaped the worst of the forecast gales and just had to put up with a very windy day withContinue reading “Escaping the worst”