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Today’s guest picture, taken by my sister Mary,  shows a lovely view of the Thames at Richmond.  The sharp-eyed may see the inevitable low flying aircraft in the sky and wonder that people are pushing for an extension to Heathrow which would mean even more of these disturbers of the peace above Londoners’ heads.

The inevetable aeroplane, if you look hard

As she was getting up, Mrs Tootlepedal glanced out of the window and saw a rose collector leaving the garden with another bag full of roses for the crown.  They work hard.

After yesterday’s wall to wall sunshine, we had a day of almost wall to wall drizzle today so it was lucky that I had many mundane but essential tasks to do to fill up my time.

A quick look out of the back door showed me that only the marigolds were likely to bring much sunshine into our lives today.


The rest of scene was hanging heads…

wet poppy

…soggy petals…


…and water, water everywhere.


One of the more pleasant moments of the morning was to test out the newly made wild raspberry jam on some of Dropscone’s drop scones with accompanying coffee.  The jam passed the test.   Dropscone tells me that his golf has been up and down…but not always in the number of strokes that he would wish.

I had photo cards to finish, Heritage DVDs to copy and then cards, postcards and disks to deliver to the High Street .  All this took some time and before I knew it, it was time for lunch.

After lunch I set the breadmaker to make some dough for a dozen rolls.

I was hoping that things might get better in the afternoon but the drizzle persisted.  It was gentle enough to let Mrs Tootlepedal get out and clip the wings of her chicken.

topiary chicken

Over the years, the chicken has got stouter an stouter and a radical re-clip with substantial slimming is in the offing.

I  helped out with a little tidying up and also took the chance for another wander round the garden.

The delphiniums have survived very well even though a lot of them are now nestling in the compost bin.


Of all the flowers in the garden, the nasturtiums seem to be most fond of a drop of rain, hanging on to all they can collect for dear life.


A new fuchsia in a pot was making the most of the shelter of the greenhouse.


Looking up, I could see a collared dove, sitting somewhat morosely on the  wires above the back garden.

collared dove

We didn’t stay out long.

The dough for the rolls came out of the breadmaker so beautifully kneaded and spongy that you could have made a bouncy castle from it.

The rolls themselves looked good when they came out of the oven later in the day but the proof of the pudding will be in the eating tomorrow.

On the evening before the Common Riding, all three of the town’s bands, the brass band, the pipe band and the flute band play in the town at various times but so gloomy was the day by this time that we stayed indoors and waited for better weather tomorrow.

While I was out in the garden, I noticed a small flock of homing pigeons taking their daily exercise nearby so there are a great many flying birds of the day today.

racing pigeons

And a little dahlia, impervious to the rain by some curious chance, is the flower of the day.


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