An unexpected meeting

Today’s picture shows John and Andy, our end-to-end guests leaving this morning.  It was taken by Mrs Tootlepedal. The reason that Mrs Tootlepedal took the photo and not me is that I was still lying asleep in bed by the time that they left and Mrs Tootlepedal hadn’t the heart to wake me.  When IContinue reading “An unexpected meeting”


Today’s picture shows one of Mrs Tootlepedal’s gaudy tulips hanging its head with weariness. I know how it feels because after yesterday’s excitement, my head was drooping a bit too although my joints were feeling pretty good.  I decided to give the whole system a good rest and enjoyed a day of leisure, rising lateContinue reading “Stay-at-home”

A day of (enforced) rest

Today’s picture, sent to me by a Langholm exile in New Zealand shows an intelligent child anticipating the ideal Rugby World Cup final. For information, she is lying on a saltire and clutching a kiwi. We started the day by waving off our three cycling overnight guests. We don’t usually take three guests as weContinue reading “A day of (enforced) rest”

All right so far

Today’s picture is of a water lily in the pond.  For some reason they never seem to open fully out. We are nervously waiting for the hurricane formerly named Katia to arrive but meanwhile, after a late breakfast,  I had a pleasant pedal round the morning run in dry and warm weather. It was asContinue reading “All right so far”

Not quite so bad

Today’s picture is a cosmos, one of the few flowers not to look battered. It rained heavily in the morning again and so I invited Dropscone and Arthur round for coffee. This was partly to give Dropscone something to do as he is getting rather bored of enforced inaction and partly to stop Arthur doingContinue reading “Not quite so bad”

Cracking walnuts

Today’s picture is of George. He is cycling from Land’s End to John O’Groats in what can only be described as inhospitable conditions. He told me that he was looking forward to the challenge of cycling to Edinburgh today. I was speechless (for once). He was a bit under-equipped for the weather so I lentContinue reading “Cracking walnuts”

A nice cup of tea (red bush) and a slice of cake

No flower today as I forgot to take the camera into the garden and the flowers are disappearing because of the cold nights anyway. I might have to start having a bird of the day soon. I had a very quiet day today what with it being Sunday and myself being somewhat tired. In theContinue reading “A nice cup of tea (red bush) and a slice of cake”