A pedal, a toddle and a tootle

Today’s guest picture comes from Leicester where my brother Andrew saw this house with a hole in it. The rain had gone away for a while and the wind had dropped to merely 20 mph gusts so I thought that it looked like a day for a pedal. Not wanting to stray too far fromContinue reading “A pedal, a toddle and a tootle”

Review of the year delayed

Today’s guest picture shows that it isn’t raining everywhere.  It is another in our series of exiled grandchildren of Langholmites and shows one year old  Elliot,  grandchild of our neighbour Gavin, sledging in America under the eagle eye of proud father Fraser. There was no sign of snow here on midwinter day as it wasContinue reading “Review of the year delayed”

Mist, a marathon but no tootle

Today’s guest picture comes from  Edinburgh and shows Matilda, who may not be hiding quite as well as she thinks. We had a still and chilly morning so it was no surprise to find some mist about. Mrs Tootlepedal, in her restless search for entertainment, went off to the church choir annual social and coffeeContinue reading “Mist, a marathon but no tootle”

A near thing (I hope)

My own picture above shows Skippers Bridge in August this year and today’s guest picture, which was taken by my recorder playing friend Susan, shows how it looked this morning. She told me that it was too wet and dangerous to try to get a better position for the shot and I can believe herContinue reading “A near thing (I hope)”

England under a cloud

Today’s guest picture is the last in the series of my sister Mary’s London park shots.  (I am now out of guest pictures and would welcome contributions from kind readers.) It was another still and misty day when I got up but there was no chance of an early pedal as I had to takeContinue reading “England under a cloud”

A certain sense of déjà vu

Today’s guest picture shows a view of London from the top of Primrose Hill.  My sister Mary was following the Primrose path earlier in the week. As seems to have been the case for quite a long time now, we started the day by staring out of the window at grey skies and falling rain.Continue reading “A certain sense of déjà vu”

Tea and a scone at Canonbie

Today’s guest picture comes from Langholm exile, Tom.  He lives in South Africa and recently took the cable car up Table Mountain.  The composite picture shows the way up and the view down. Our dry spell continues but today was very grey from start to finish and there were even a few spots of rainContinue reading “Tea and a scone at Canonbie”

The tragedy of Hamlet

Today’s guest picture was taken by Bruce on a visit to Sheffield.  He thinks that the car owner may have forgotten where he parked the car. We had to put up with yet another  boringly fine and dry day today but we bore this with great fortitude and hardly complained at all. Once again itContinue reading “The tragedy of Hamlet”