Snowed under

Today’s picture shows Wauchope Street at 1.30 a.m. this morning when we got back from the Gilnockie Burns Supper. It had been snowing like that for some hours and it became a distinct possibility that either the supper would be cancelled or we wouldn’t be able to get to it.  In the end, thanks toContinue reading “Snowed under”

A breath of fresh air

Today’s picture shows London seen from Primrose Hill with a hint of sunshine in the air.  My sister Mary was enjoying a walk.  The rest of the country may be in a bad way but there’s plenty of building going on down there by the look of all the cranes. There was no hint ofContinue reading “A breath of fresh air”

Ups and downs

Today’s photograph is an obliging fieldfare posing for Bruce on Sunday.  This was one of a large flock. I was one of a small flock (two) of cyclists going to Waterbeck this morning.  Dropscone had brought his speedy bike and was in determined mood with the result that we went round the run eight minutesContinue reading “Ups and downs”

Down in the dump

Today’s picture is another from my sister Mary, taken on the recent Scottish tour.  It shows that the sun was shining not so long ago. It was raining heavily this morning and Dropscone and I decided that cycling was not on the menu.  The kitchen made more progress with a flying visit from the electricianContinue reading “Down in the dump”

A few puddles

The picture of the day is a puddle. Once again the forecast was gloomier than the reality although the reality was still pretty gloomy.  However, it didn’t start actually raining until after lunch but this was not much use to me as it was too wet to do anything useful in the garden and myContinue reading “A few puddles”

Dodging the rain

Today’s picture, sent by Gavin who is on a wet walk in the Peal District, shows the Peak Forest Canal basin at Buxworth.  I particularly like canals so it gets in at full size.. Once again the worst of the weather seems to have given us the go by.  My recorder playing friend Sue, whoContinue reading “Dodging the rain”

A frog in the throat

Today’s picture shows Dropscone’s brother-in-law bravely suffering the hard life which you have to put up with when you retire.  He’s baby sitting in Switzerland. It was a fine, dry, almost windless morning today which made the fact that I wasn’t fit enough to pedal all the more hard to bear.  An added annoyance wasContinue reading “A frog in the throat”