Quite busy

Today’s guest picture comes from my sister Mary.  She visited Margate, home of the Turner Contemporary art gallery and was please to be able to capture a Turneresque shot of the seaside while she was there. I had a day of general activity, none of it very vigorous.   The morning started with the crossword andContinue reading “Quite busy”

A window of opportunity

My sister Mary may have been walking in the Lake District but my brother Andrew has been drinking coffee in Bridlington.  Here is his view as he sipped. We woke up to another morning of glum weather, cold and windy and with as much rain as we could possibly want…. …if not a little more.Continue reading “A window of opportunity”

Yes we have no bananas

Today’s guest picture, kindly sent to me by Mary Jo from the land of proper snow, is designed to stop me moaning about our weather.  It won’t work though.  She tells me that she is currently looking after three houses and is keeping very fit shovelling snow. We had a rather nice day here, withContinue reading “Yes we have no bananas”

Least interesting day ever

Today’s guest picture brings a welcome shaft of sunshine from Almeria in south-east Spain, described by Bruce who visited it on his grand tour, as the home of all those tasteless tomatoes that you wished you hadn’t bought. Here in south-west Scotland, we had a day of unadulterated meteorological gloominess.   It was cold and wetContinue reading “Least interesting day ever”

Turned off

Today’s guest picture shows a fine mountain view taken by my brother Andrew in NZ when he was tramping to Silica Rapids at Whakapapa at the beginning of this month.  I may have remarked before that he is an exceptionally active chap.  The building in the foreground is a hotel. I was by no meansContinue reading “Turned off”

Pedal mania

Today’s guest picture comes from my daughter.  She has worked out how to email pictures directly from her phone and sent me this nice waterfall from her recent Devon holiday. The forecast was for a sunny day today and the forecast was right.  It seemed like a good day for cycling so after breakfast IContinue reading “Pedal mania”

Holding the baby

Today’s guest picture is another bird at my daughter’s feeder in London. I had no time to watch birds today as Mrs Tootlepedal, Pat and I went off to Edinburgh in the car straight after breakfast.  We had a dream drive on the way, with hardly any traffic to pass or to be passed byContinue reading “Holding the baby”

Putting my cards on the table

Today’s picture, which was sent by Bruce who has had a busy time on the east coast of Scotland, shows the famous Bass Rock in the Firth of Forth.  It is a  prominent nesting place for a huge colony of gannets. We were greeted by another wet and soggy morning. I was a bit downcastContinue reading “Putting my cards on the table”

Mrs Tootlepedal acts like a granny

Today’s guest picture comes from NZ.  Since we had a picture of her cousin Sara cycling in Langholm a few days ago, it seems only right to show Maisie out for a spin too.  She was going so fast that she was nearly out of sight by the time the shutter clicked. The first ofContinue reading “Mrs Tootlepedal acts like a granny”

Back to normal

Today’s picture, from the camera of my brother, shows an elegant flautist….much like myself in many ways, though I usually keep my shirt and trousers on while playing. I was feeling much better today, and hardly moaned or complained at all…..well maybe once or twice…but I felt well and never had to lie down forContinue reading “Back to normal”