A slow day

Today’s picture, kindly sent by Tuckamoredew, shows a handful of hailstones that he picked up after a  thunderstorm last night.  What fun they have in Canada. We couldn’t have been further from hailstones here today with another day of wall to wall sunshine.  I had hoped to take advantage of the fine weather by puttingContinue reading “A slow day”


The picture of the day, from the camera of my brother Andrew,  shows the impressive Tissington Trail.  He claims that the gravel surface makes it hard to ride his bike at any speed.  As it is a mixed use trail maybe this is not a bad thing though I agree that gravel trails  make forContinue reading “Interruptions”

Failure to stick to plan

Today’s picture, in the absence of any fresh contributions from friends and family, is another look at the dolphins that my brother and his wife met on their recent visit to Wales.  They look more exciting than our frogs. My plan for the day was to wake up early, leap out of bed and goContinue reading “Failure to stick to plan”

Mixed weather, mixed day

Today’s picture, direct from sunny California, shows the fruit growing in Fraser and Lesley’s garden.  I would be very pleased to be able to pick an apricot or two as I strolled through the garden as they can. After rain in the night, the morning was grey but warm and dry and with not muchContinue reading “Mixed weather, mixed day”

All hail

Today’s picture shows my daughter-in-law standing in front of the arrangements at a Highland wedding.  They had one teepee for dining, one for dancing and one for chilling out.  They left the wedding to head for the USA for a holiday.  I hope that they got away in time as there was heavy snow inContinue reading “All hail”

The gasman cometh and taketh away

Today’s picture, taken on a chilly walk at Kenwood under leaden skies by my sister Mary, shows just how many people were out enjoying the London weather. Things were better here because although it was very cold in the morning, at least we had a little sunshine.  Emboldened by the sight of the sun andContinue reading “The gasman cometh and taketh away”

A spot of bother

Today’s picture is another from my sister Mary’s visit to Kew Gardens.  This shows a nice display of orchids in a conservatory. The weather has turned rather grumpy at the moment and just when we should have been going off for our morning ride, it started to rain and after a quick phone consultation, DropsconeContinue reading “A spot of bother”

A hard day’s work

Today’s picture comes from a walk in Kew Gardens by my sister Mary on a rare sunny day in London.  They don’t do crocuses by halves down there. Our sun had disappeared today and we were issued with a standard winter day, cold and grey and with a very piercing east wind.  The threatened rainContinue reading “A hard day’s work”

An eponymous day

Dropscone, who is sometimes slightly critical of the great number of small bird pictures to be found on this blog, has sent me this picture of his grandson Leo for picture of the day in an attempt to raise the standard of the posts. Yesterday’s grey weather turned out to be just a blip inContinue reading “An eponymous day”

Pressing needs

Today’s picture from my brother Andrew’s recent visit to Singapore shows that they have an ‘Eye’ there.  They seem to have sprung up everywhere. We don’t have an eye in Langholn, just one or two swings in the play park but we do have sunshine at the moment and we are very grateful for it.Continue reading “Pressing needs”