Going nuts

Today’s guest picture from Bruce got a little closer to the horse in the field.  There turned out to be two of them. The forecast was right and we had another sunny day but it was even colder than yesterday and struggled to get above 3°C all day. Mrs Tootlepedal and I gave up anyContinue reading “Going nuts”

Ecclefechan and squirrels

Today’s guest picture is a charming bridge crossed by some of my siblings last week. I can’t remember where it is but I can confirm that they came to it before they crossed it. We had another cool dry day today so it seemed like a good idea to have an outing with my sisterContinue reading “Ecclefechan and squirrels”

Into the woods

Today’s guest picture shows the public library in Derby.  My brother, who took the picture, tells me that it was built on the profits from beer.  I hope my youthful indulgences were put to such good use. The forecast had got it right, the weather gods had relented and we were given a perfect day. Continue reading “Into the woods”

A worthwhile excursion

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by my much travelled friend Bruce.  No prizes for guessing where he was today. Dropscone and I set out on a somewhat less glamorous journey than Bruce.  We were on our bicycles on the way to Gair and back after breakfast.  The roads were dry, the temperature wasContinue reading “A worthwhile excursion”