Mrs Tootlepedal gets her jotters

Today’s guest picture shows Hardwick Hall, a fine Elizabethan house,  which my brother visited last week. Here, we had another day of second hand continental weather with the sun trying its best to peek through an enveloping haze.  The up side was that it was pleasantly warm and by the afternoon it was the kindContinue reading “Mrs Tootlepedal gets her jotters”

A cycle and a song

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew’s trip to Barcelona.  What could the architect have been thinking about when he or she designed this? In contrast to yesterday’s glut of pictures, today was very quiet photographically.  The day dawned brightly enough but the skies soon clouded over. After a leisurely breakfast, I gave SandyContinue reading “A cycle and a song”

A song cycle

Today’s guest picture shows the result of time hanging heavily on someone’s hands near Eskdalemuir.  It was sent to me by Sandie, my northern correspondent who wonders if it is a Christmas decoration. Our weather here today was very tame after the gales and floods that have lashed the east coasts of Britain recently andContinue reading “A song cycle”

A gentle day

Today’s guest picture shows a Madrid fan club, another from my brother’s portfolio. It was a genuinely sub zero day today with the temperature only just creeping up to 1°  by lunchtime.  A cheerful sun and no wind made it feel quite pleasant though as I walked up to the Archive Centre after breakfast toContinue reading “A gentle day”

A rainy day

Today’s picture shows the first potential apple blossom of the year.  We are worried that it will take one look at the weather and decide not to come out. I certainly took one look at the weather and stayed in.  It was wet and windy and I find that what seems like months  of almostContinue reading “A rainy day”

Let there be music

Today’s picture, taken by  my recorder playing friend Susan on one of her walks, shows just how muddy the tracks round here have got after months of wet weather.  Snorkel and flippers required. After three day of enjoyable cycling, my body struck back today and I was too tired to do anything useful for mostContinue reading “Let there be music”

A tootle and a pedal (but not in that order).

Today’s picture is an improved view, taken by my sister Mary during a walk in better weather, of the magnolia at Kenwood. We had yet another dry day here too but in contrast to yesterday, the sun didn’t make it through the clouds apart from an hour or so in the morning.  We are inContinue reading “A tootle and a pedal (but not in that order).”