Taking care

Today’s guest picture is another from my brother’s visit to the park in Madrid.  This was his favourite fountain. After some heavy rain overnight, we had a generally pleasant day today, often sunny but still with a brisk “feels like” wind to keep our coats firmly buttoned up for the morning and most of theContinue reading “Taking care”

Bedding in

Today’s guest picture comes from our neighbour Gavin who is making friends with a cactus out in Spain while we shiver here. We had some equivalent sunshine at the start of the day…. …but it couldn’t disguise the fact that it was jolly chilly again and I had to put a coat on as IContinue reading “Bedding in”

Testing, testing

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew, who found some nice light in a quarry on a walk at Little Eaton. The main excitement of the day was caused by the arrival of workmen who are going to replace the bridge over the dam in the street outside our house. Our road will beContinue reading “Testing, testing”

A hard mile

Today’s guest post is the third and last of Tash’s portraits of Tony’s dogs beside the Forth. It was a cold but brighter day here today so there were no complaints but I had a slight chesty cough threatening so I abandoned a plan to wrap up well and go for a pedal and settledContinue reading “A hard mile”

Unconfined joy

Today’s guest picture is the second portrait of Tony’s dogs by Tash.  It looks as though the dogs had had a New Year’s splash even if Tony hadn’t. We were promised better weather today and we got it but it took some time to arrive as we were covered in mist for most of theContinue reading “Unconfined joy”

Almost a white Christmas

Today’s guest picture, taken by Alistair, shows Matilda and her mother Clare enjoying a good book. The miserable weather gave us a break today and we even got a sunny spell.  It was quite a bit cooler but as it kept a few degrees above freezing, no one was complaining. After some early dancing withContinue reading “Almost a white Christmas”

Oh yes it is!

Today’s guest picture is a black and white shot taken by our daughter Annie in Macao. It was cool but just above freezing with the promise of sun to come when we woke up. I took a rather surreal picture of the bird feeder while I was making a pot of coffee after breakfast.  AContinue reading “Oh yes it is!”

The first concert

Today’s guest picture comes from Irving who found the wonderful double rainbow when he went to look at his sheep. We had such a sunny day here, that we were able to find a bit of a rainbow inside our house when a sunbeam glanced off a bevelled mirror edge and onto a closed shutter.Continue reading “The first concert”

Sunny Sunday morning

Today’s guest picture is another from Bruce. He found this signpost near Carlisle and thinks that it might be of more interest to cyclists than motorists. There had been wild talk of 7°C in the forecasts for today but the reality was 3° when we woke and 4.5° when Mrs Tootlepedal went off to churchContinue reading “Sunny Sunday morning”

The kindest cut

Today’s guest picture comes from my Somerset correspondent Venetia.  She had got up early to watch the starlings taking off from her local nature reserve but found that a swan had got up even earlier. I got up rather later than I meant to and found that Mrs Tootlepedal was already downstairs.  As it wasContinue reading “The kindest cut”