Food miles

Today’s picture shows a blind hurdy gurdy player whom my brother met yesterday in the Prado in Madrid.  Mrs Tootlepedal thinks that the best audience for any hurdy gurdy player, blind or not,  would be a deaf one as she doesn’t care for the instrument at all. I quite like it. As I was stillContinue reading “Food miles”

Langholm’s Great Day 2013

The picture of the day shows Langholm’s 2013 cornet Alistair Cavers. The last Friday in July by tradition sees the celebration of the Langholm Common Riding when the town’s standard is carried round the town and the common lands on the hill by a mounted horseman and his followers.  Although the ceremony has lost itsContinue reading “Langholm’s Great Day 2013”

In the heat of the day

Today’s picture, sent by my brother, shows the hobby horse procession which is part of the mayor’s parade in Banbury where my brother lives.  It’s a big day there as you can see. We had an absolute 100%, cast iron, guaranteed summer day today, better than any day we had in the whole of lastContinue reading “In the heat of the day”

Treacle Friday

Today’s picture shows Guthrie considering something interesting that he and his walker came across today.  They found a set of false teeth on this fence post but in the interests of decency that part of the picture has been censored.  Maybe Guthrie was looking for the tooth fairy. Mrs Tootlepedal was off to work againContinue reading “Treacle Friday”

Going round in circles

Today’s picture, sent to me by Bruce, shows his wife and faithful dog perched precariously in that limbo which is neither in England or Scotland. We had another wall to wall day of sunshine today and as the wind was slightly less rigorous than yesterday, it felt a little more pleasant to be out.  IContinue reading “Going round in circles”

Creeping up

Today’s picture shows the new lens standing proudly on its tripod.  You can see why I can’t use it casually.  It makes the camera look like a toy when it is attached. It was another sunny, cold morning with frost on the ground again as we woke up.  I was determined to have a pedalContinue reading “Creeping up”


Today’s picture is from my brother’s recent skiing holiday in Avoriaz.  It makes me ill just thinking of how steep the ski run must be. We had a bit of a stay of execution with regard to the promised cold weather and although it was a bit colder, it was still a lovely spring dayContinue reading “Tailwind”

On a clear day

Today’s picture shows an old friend who’s been hanging around.  I took it just to show that the skies were clear all day for once. The day was sunny from the start but Dropscone was gloomy.  His aches and pains meant that he couldn’t cycle today.  I changed my plan,  had two extra slices ofContinue reading “On a clear day”