We never stopped

Today’s guest picture comes from my sister Mary. She visited Trafalgar Square on the final day of the lockdown in London. I wonder if it is busier now. It could hardly be quieter. We had a busy day here with fun from morning to night. The weather wasn’t very helpful as it was another chillyContinue reading “We never stopped”

Sibling arrivalry

Today’s guest picture shows an ingenious planter which my brother Andrew encountered on the platform of Penrith Station….. …where he also met my sisters Mary and Susan.  More about that later. We had another generally fine day with just the merest touch of rain in the early evening but the sun was not so hardContinue reading “Sibling arrivalry”

A farewell and a welcome

Today’s guest pictures are of a couple of harebells on the hill which my neighbour Liz met on one of her early morning walks recently. The day started with a farewell as I drove Mrs Tootlepedal down to the station in Carlisle where she was going to catch a train to London on her wayContinue reading “A farewell and a welcome”

A moment of calm

Today’s picture shows a chaffinch in the plum tree at a rare moment when it wasn’t raining and the wind wasn’t blowing. This was too good to miss and so I gulped down a plate of cereal and, rudely leaving our guests to be entertained by Mrs Tootlepedal over their porridge,  I seized the momentContinue reading “A moment of calm”

The return of Granny

Today’s picture was sent to my sister Susan by a relative of a relative who had come across her family history site.  It shows our great uncle in a splendid motor. I was in our rather less glamorous motor as we spent the best part of the day taking Granny to Warrington where she wasContinue reading “The return of Granny”

More visitors

Today’s picture is from Tash and shows the fine weather that Tony, Marianne and Tash enjoyed in Menorca on their recent holiday. Here it was not the best day for photographing flowers as it was overcast and windy but nevertheless I had a quick look round to see what had survived the recent frost.  TheseContinue reading “More visitors”

Flying visit

Today’s picture taken by Mrs Tootlepedal’s mother, shows our son, Al and his wife, Clare getting ready to drive back to Glasgow after a flying visit to have lunch and see Granny. It was another lovely day and I just had time to go round the morning run with Dropscone before getting ready to welcomeContinue reading “Flying visit”