Fenced in

Today’s picture is of  gondolas on a cable car ride to the Heights of Abraham at Matlock in Derbyshire, recently visited by my brother.  He walked up. It had the cheek to rain today but it didn’t dare to do it a lot and Mrs Tootlepedal was able to get on with the chief businessContinue reading “Fenced in”

Out in the country

Today’s picture has been sent to me by Gavin who is on holiday in the Northern Isles.  It shows a chambered cairn in Sanday.  To see more of his holiday snaps visit his blog. I took a risk today.  Dropscone was playing golf and so was not available for cycling.  I have found it veryContinue reading “Out in the country”


Today’s picture show’s Bruce and Lesley’s car parked in a very large puddle in Keswick last night. The reason the car was parked in a puddle is that it had been pouring with rain as we drove down to Keswick for our concert.  It was given by the Pasadena Roof Orchestra which plays popular melodiesContinue reading “Sunny”

No raining but singing

Today’s picture is another from my siblings’ Welsh jaunt.  It is from Susan and shows what an open cast copper mine leaves behind. Once again we beat the rain today and although it threatened and even spat from time to time, it didn’t really rain until after nine o’clock at night.  This meant that DropsconeContinue reading “No raining but singing”