Interesting times

Today’s guest picture comes from our friend Bruce.  His son has got a scientific rain gauge and it had plenty of rain to measure this morning. There had been rain overnight and it was still raining hard after breakfast so I went down to the river to see what was what. It was a greyContinue reading “Interesting times”

Review of the year delayed

Today’s guest picture shows that it isn’t raining everywhere.  It is another in our series of exiled grandchildren of Langholmites and shows one year old  Elliot,  grandchild of our neighbour Gavin, sledging in America under the eagle eye of proud father Fraser. There was no sign of snow here on midwinter day as it wasContinue reading “Review of the year delayed”

A near thing (I hope)

My own picture above shows Skippers Bridge in August this year and today’s guest picture, which was taken by my recorder playing friend Susan, shows how it looked this morning. She told me that it was too wet and dangerous to try to get a better position for the shot and I can believe herContinue reading “A near thing (I hope)”