A little work

Today’s guest picture shows a beautiful lake in Snowdonia.  It was taken by my sister Mary on her recent trip to Wales with my brother Andrew and sister Susan. Our spell of warm dry weather continued but so did the strong wind.  In the absence of any morning sunshine, I thought that it would beContinue reading “A little work”

Making the most of it

The guest picture of the day is a fine crab apple tree, her pride and joy, sent to me by my Somerset correspondent Venetia.   I can see why she likes it. By all accounts, today is to be the last of our recent sunny spell with the temperature set to drop, the wind to riseContinue reading “Making the most of it”

My knees enter an objection

Today’s guest picture is another from my sister Mary.  It shows the Regent’s Canal in London near Little Venice. My plan for the day was to get up really early and make use of some of the forecast sunshine to warm me up in temperatures of about 5°C, then to go to the local producers’Continue reading “My knees enter an objection”