Talking to myself

Today’s guest picture shows a late bit of autumn colour seen by my sister Mary in the early morning in Regent’s Park at the weekend.  It was another zero degree day here and I had to scrape ice from the car windscreen before I could perform the first and most important duty of the day.Continue reading “Talking to myself”

The autumn leaves whizz past my window

Today’s picture was sent to me by Venetia, who has visited Portishead.  She saw these lock gates.  They may look unremarkable to the ignorant but as they are in fact ‘rotating -sector’ lock gates, they are very interesting indeed. We had the sort of day today which makes a fellow go to his bookshelves andContinue reading “The autumn leaves whizz past my window”

A coincidence

Another picture from Dropscone’s mountain adventure is the first guest picture of the day.  They had to climb up through a layer of cloud before they got into the sunshine. I have had to have two guest pictures today because my friend Bruce shared a steam train journey with the Queen on Wednesday when sheContinue reading “A coincidence”

A peda, a wal and a tootl (they were all rather short)

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by my friend Bruce.  On one of his walks with his dog, he noticed that the receptacle provided for the convenience of dog walkers has acquired a ‘genius loci’. I woke up to a sunny morning and toyed with the idea of getting up into cycling clothes andContinue reading “A peda, a wal and a tootl (they were all rather short)”

A thoroughly mixed day

Today’s guest picture comes from South Africa.  It was sent by exiled Langholmite Tom and shows the famous Table Mountain at Capetown.  I apologise to him for mangling his picture a bit as it had a ship’s rigging in the foreground which I have  rather clumsily ‘disappeared’. It was a dry and chilly day butContinue reading “A thoroughly mixed day”