Living up to my name

Today’s picture shows two real hard men.  They are cycling from Lands End to John  o’Groats at not less than 200 km per day, with no rest days, without any support and carrying all their own luggage.  The wind has been against them all the way so far.  I take my hat off to them.Continue reading “Living up to my name”


Today’s picture show’s Bruce and Lesley’s car parked in a very large puddle in Keswick last night. The reason the car was parked in a puddle is that it had been pouring with rain as we drove down to Keswick for our concert.  It was given by the Pasadena Roof Orchestra which plays popular melodiesContinue reading “Sunny”

A varied palette

Today’s picture shows the Roman ruins at Amathus from my sister Susan’s recent trip to Cyprus. Our gentle  transition to colder weather continued today with a cloudy but still day which, if we hadn’t just had a week of summer sunshine, would have been considered a very reasonable day for early April.  It let DropsconeContinue reading “A varied palette”

A strapping fellow

Dropscone has sent me today’s picture.  It was taken on his French holiday and shows the American Cemetery at Omaha Beach.  He advises me to think on this, get a sense of proportion and stop moaning about sore ankles.  Fair enough. I will moan about the weather though. It was another very cloudy, gloomy, dampContinue reading “A strapping fellow”

Carlisle hospitality

Today’s picture comes from New Zealand after a request for something uplifting for the picture of the day.  This is Maisie, a rugby supporter of course and the proud owner of Jenny and David. It was another frosty morning so Dropscone and I settled for coffee which I enjoyed all the more because Time, theContinue reading “Carlisle hospitality”

Not up to it

Today’s picture was going to be the first snowdrop to flower in the garden but I forgot to take the picture so here’s a standard siskin instead. The continuing mild winter weather has meant that siskins have been few and far between this year.  This is a disappointment to me because they are among myContinue reading “Not up to it”

No rain all day

Today’s picture is of a patriotic thistle with insect A sunny morning greeted me on waking and I spent the first part of it after breakfast going round the morning ride, still by myself in the continued absence of Dropscone. Although there was a welcome lack of rain, it was a rather chilly day (14º)Continue reading “No rain all day”