Taking my time

The second of the ‘trip to London’ pictures shows “Topaz”, one of the elegant Pullman coaches pulled by the steam engine which we saw at Carlisle station.  I like the little lamps with shades at every table. We had a rare outbreak of summer today with plenty of sunshine and a cooling breeze from theContinue reading “Taking my time”

The last day of summer

Today’s guest picture comes from our neighbour Gavin who met these sea creatures while on a walking holiday in the west. According to the forecast, the weather for the rest of the week and beyond is going to be cold, wet and windy so we tried to make good use of a very pleasant dayContinue reading “The last day of summer”

Not welcoming

Today’s guest picture is another from my sister Mary’s Lake District visit.  She had excellent weather and made good use of it.  These  colourful boats are at the Faeryland cafe on the edge of Grasmere Our long spell of good weather has hit the buffers and the forecast for the next two weeks offers usContinue reading “Not welcoming”

A wet blanket

Today’s guest picture comes from my Manitoba correspondent, Mary Jo.  She has got the opportunity to share a piece of ground with a neighbour as a garden.  She tells me, “My garden boxes are too small for any amount of large crops like spuds and squash and tomatoes, and I am tickled to finally beContinue reading “A wet blanket”

Yet more pedalling and tootling

Today’s guest picture comes from my friend Bruce who visited Talkin Tarn yesterday with his wife Lesley.  They were surprised to see that the very cold weather had not put the rowers off. Our day started with a light snow shower but although it lay as it fell, it had soon disappeared and we wereContinue reading “Yet more pedalling and tootling”

Chain deaction

Today’s guest picture comes from Sandy, who knows that I like bridges and took this shot at Leaderfoot on his way north.  The viaduct is hard to beat for beauty. We had a very reasonable day of weather today and my plan was to hang around for a short while after breakfast to catch aContinue reading “Chain deaction”

Steady work

Today’s guest picture shows the Traitor’s Gate at the Tower of London.  My sister Mary took the picture while going down the river by boat for a second visit to Greenwich earlier this month. After yesterday’s picture  totally white font lawn, today was a different kettle of fish altogether. It was the kindest of winterContinue reading “Steady work”

The storm before the calm

Today’s guest picture is another from my brother’s walk in the Dove valley earlier this month.  The famous stepping stones had been damaged by a flood and he had to resort to a bridge half a mile downstream. We woke to strong winds and heavy rain.  This was Storm Barbara making itself known.  It wasContinue reading “The storm before the calm”

Hard going

Dropscone did Forth bridges while he was in Edinburgh.  He went over the rail bridge by train, walked back over the mile long road bridge on foot and found time to take this artistic misty picture of the new crossing in between times. We had another fine day today but it was decidedly chilly andContinue reading “Hard going”