Another day put to good use

Today’s guest picture come from Mary Jo in Manitoba.  It shows the first flower on her Christmas Cactus.  She adds, “It’s a ridiculously large plant that someone gave to me after halving the original plant with an axe.” After breakfast, Mrs Tootlepedal went off to Edinburgh to have fun with Matilda, leaving me to haveContinue reading “Another day put to good use”

Bowled over by Bertha

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by the mother of Luke, my flute pupil.  They have been on holiday and enjoyed this atmospheric view of Loch Leven from their holiday cottage in Glencoe. We had another day here of being buffeted by ex tropical storm Bertha, although we got off lightly compared with theContinue reading “Bowled over by Bertha”

A pedal and a tootle. Hooray!

Today’s guest picture, taken by my sister Mary on her recent visit to Somerset, shows the fine church at Ilminster. We woke up to a rather grey day morning today but it was dry so we both set off on our bicycles after breakfast.  My target was a gentle twenty miles by way of aContinue reading “A pedal and a tootle. Hooray!”

Getting there

In the absence of a guest picture today and in spite of a answer to a flood of requests, a flying chaffinch takes centre stage today. You can see from the relatively clear picture, that it was a much brighter day in Langholm today and that matched my mood as I too was much brighterContinue reading “Getting there”