Today’s picture is more daffs very nearly out.. I am getting quite excited. Today was a day, as they say, of sunshine and showers. The sunshine was great when it appeared but the downside was the showers which were violent, sleety and very very cold. Luckily I had already planned for two days of restContinue reading “Showery”

A spring in my step

I asked for pictures to put in the picture of the day spot and I got six sent today so I am going to have two contrasting pictures of the day today. The first from my sister Susan shows spring in Regent’s Park, London and the second from Joyce Lewis shows the view from herContinue reading “A spring in my step”

Working seriously at last

Today’s picture is from the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square and was sent to me by my sister Mary Conditions were very good for the morning ride and Chuck and I enjoyed a pleasant pedal although we had to butt into the wind for the last three miles. Dropscone had gone to a funeral andContinue reading “Working seriously at last”