Three outings

Today’s guest picture puts our recent snow here into perspective.  It was sent to me by Lucie from Manitoba and it shows an unwelcome late and heavy fall of snow which was making life hard for birds on her feeder. We had another chilly day today but it didn’t rain and the sun came outContinue reading “Three outings”

A sloe march

Today’s guest picture is a cabbage from our daughter Annie’s allotment.  Possibly the best cabbage ever, I think that you will agree. We had a forecast of persistent rain all day so I resolved to put the day to good use by doing things that needed to be done. It was indeed raining when weContinue reading “A sloe march”

End of the spell

Today’s guest picture comes from my friend Bruce, who recently met this Glasgow tram at the Crich National Tramway Museum.  It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘going to university’ We had what is probably the last of our superbly sunny spring spell today.   As is all too common in life, instead of being outContinue reading “End of the spell”

A long and windy road

Today’s guest picture is another of our daughter Annie’s London scenes. This shows the former St Stephen’s Tower, now properly called the Elizabeth Tower, which houses the great bell, Big Ben.  You usually just look at the clock while passing and ignore all the amazingly intricate work on the tower itself. We had a veryContinue reading “A long and windy road”

Life in the slow lane

Today’s guest picture comes from Nottingham where my brother Andrew discovered another bridge which may be a little past its use-by date. I had a very quiet day today.  If I had had my fairly speedy bike to hand, I would probably  have made better use of some good weather but as the bike wasContinue reading “Life in the slow lane”

Driven mad by a little sunshine

I have raided my brother’s visit to Exeter for another guest picture today.  He had rather gloomy weather for the trip but managed to get out for long enough to photograph a new bike and pedestrian bridge over the river. Today was the last of my visits, for a while  at least, to the MoorlandContinue reading “Driven mad by a little sunshine”


Today’s guest picture was taken by Mike Tinker when he was visiting a zoo in New Zealand.  Neither Mrs Tinker nor Mrs Tootlepedal are flattered in any way. The day started very grey and drizzly and I was more than happy to spend some of the morning sampling Dropscone’s scones with a bit of CumbrianContinue reading “Overshooting”

Mrs Tootlepedal puts her finger on it

In the absence of any other guest pictures, today’s is another from Annie’s Chelsea visit.  Mrs Tootlepedal and I were both pleased to see that the humble foxglove is back in fashion. In spite of my bad back, I had quite good night’s sleep and when I woke up at seven o’clock and found thatContinue reading “Mrs Tootlepedal puts her finger on it”

Relatively speaking

Today’s guest picture comes from a visit to the southern Peak District and shows a view across the Manifold valley.  My brother Andrew was tempted out by the fine weather and who can blame him. I was tempted out by some fine weather here too but a crisp 6°C ensured that I put a littleContinue reading “Relatively speaking”

A strange encounter

Today’s guest picture shows a stone which was so covered in colourful lichen that my neighbour Liz thought that it looked like a concealed tiger when she saw it deep in the woods. After a busy day yesterday, I was quite happy to have a quiet morning today and so I was more than pleasedContinue reading “A strange encounter”