Another day, another walk and another cough

Today’s guest picture comes from my sister Mary, who popped over to Paris for some culture.  She bravely used that external escalator. It was frosty again when we got up and I recorded the fact with the aid of a spirea. My recovery from the cold has been delayed again and so I took advantageContinue reading “Another day, another walk and another cough”

Just can’t stop snapping

Today’s guest picture come all the way from Las Vegas  where Sandy is on holiday.  The architects there seemingly need a little more practice. It was a day of this and that today.  This was beautiful blue skies and sunshine and that was sub zero temperatures in the morning.  The prospect in the garden wasContinue reading “Just can’t stop snapping”

Skating on thin ice

Today’s guest picture shows a cycle track on an old railway leading to Melbourne.  Although my brother Andrew, who took the picture earlier this month, was in Melbourne, Australia not long ago, this Melbourne is in Leicestershire, England. It was a fine sunny morning when we got up and the dogwood in the back borderContinue reading “Skating on thin ice”