Welcome home

Today’s picture from my sister Mary shows a false bridge on the lake at Kenwood with a perfect reflection.  It is just an architectural feature. After a night of heavy rain (as forecast), we enjoyed a pleasantly warm and dry day again.  I took advantage of this to snap this blue tit getting its feathersContinue reading “Welcome home”

The return of Granny

Today’s picture was sent to my sister Susan by a relative of a relative who had come across her family history site.  It shows our great uncle in a splendid motor. I was in our rather less glamorous motor as we spent the best part of the day taking Granny to Warrington where she wasContinue reading “The return of Granny”

Tip top tap

Today’s picture shows the new grass, now fully incorporated into the middle lawn. The picture was taken yesterday when the sun was out. In contrast to the weather in the picture from yesterday, today started out wet and miserable.  Dropscone didn’t want to have to listen to me complaining about getting soaked so we gaveContinue reading “Tip top tap”

Very quiet day

Today’s picture in contrast to yesterday’s sunrise in Fife, shows sunset over Langholm and was taken by my recorder playing colleague, Susan, on a recent walk. The sunny weather of the last few days had vanished by this morning but the forecast rain held off and we were left with a rather uneasy lull.  ThereContinue reading “Very quiet day”

Wind up

Today’s  picture is another from my sister Susan. It shows the British Library in London.  In an architectural contrast, you can see St Pancras in the background. After the excitement of visitors yesterday, we had a quiet day today.  Dropscone was taking one of his many sons to the dentist so I had a lonelyContinue reading “Wind up”

Fishy business

Today’s picture is of the heron on the Kilngreen, looking quite smart this week. Dropscone was away so I chose a different route for my morning pedal on the slow bike.  I went over Callister and down to Waterbeck and back, very much the same distance as the usual ride.  It didn’t take me long,Continue reading “Fishy business”

Back to the fuschia

Today’s picture is of two horses in a field near Glenzierfoot It was a day of two halves today as they say. The morning was very miserable with steady rain falling. I put in some time on the E & L database and got a week and a half done which was a good useContinue reading “Back to the fuschia”