Free at last

Today’s guest picture shows a huge Santa looming over a stall at a German Christmas market in Birmingham (though how German a stall selling crêpes is you might wonder).  These markets have sprung up everywhere in recent years.  This one was visited by my brother. After several very gloomy, wet and windy days, the weatherContinue reading “Free at last”

Gross cyclists

Today’s guest pictures was sent by Bruce.  It shows a nice shot of the isle of Arran where his son got married recently. It would have been quite a pleasant day today if we had been in October.  As we were in December, it was a lovely day, warm and dry and with hardly aContinue reading “Gross cyclists”

Head in the clouds

Today’s guest picture shows my brother Andrew’s view of Buttermere which he visited earlier in the year.  He was much more elevated then than we were on our walk round the lake.  You can see the path that we followed by the lake shore. The temperature had risen to a balmy nine degrees C byContinue reading “Head in the clouds”


Today’s guest picture shows an approach to the village of Ilam in Staffordshire.  It is on the banks of the splendidly named Manifold River and was visited by my brother Andrew last month in pursuit of a cream tea. I had no need of a cream tea because Dropscone dropped in for morning coffee andContinue reading “Looking”

A little learning

Today’s picture shows my old place of work standing above the building site which is going to provide a replacement.  I bet the new building doesn’t last as long as the old one. It was another cold, cold morning with a bitter east wind of considerable strength and I sensibly decided to forgo any thoughtContinue reading “A little learning”