Safely home

Today’s guest picture comes from our son Tony’s partner Marianne. It shows the Tootlepedals and Tony on the harbour wall at Pittenweem yesterday. Tony is highly amused as he is taking a picture of Marianne taking a picture of us. Tony is recovering from an operation on his wrist, and as a result he wasContinue reading “Safely home”

Having fun regardless

Today’s guest picture comes from Venetia who was happy to be able to take a picture of her visiting badgers without using a flash. After a quiet morning, we packed into our cars and set off to visit a beach with the intention of taking part in that most British of all holiday activities, aContinue reading “Having fun regardless”

150,000 gannets (all pictured here)

Today’s guest picture comes from Matilda’s mother, Clare and shows Matilda teaching her father how to fly a kite this afternoon. The (ocean) main business of the day was a boat trip round Craigleith Island and the Bass Rock to see the birds.  As you can see from the guest picture, the sun was outContinue reading “150,000 gannets (all pictured here)”

Sea, sand and a cycle

Today’s guest picture was taken by my son Alistair and shows an old man relaxing on his holiday. I did get out for a bit of activity though.  Matilda and Mrs Tootlepedal and I paid an early visit to the beach and later on, we were joined by Al and Clare and we walked upContinue reading “Sea, sand and a cycle”