There’s always a price to pay

Today’s picture is another look at the Thames from my sister Mary’s walk of yesterday. Today was summer.  I took the opportunity to take three general pictures of the garden. One of the things that you discover when you take pictures in our garden, is that we are surrounded by houses. When you are inContinue reading “There’s always a price to pay”

Round and round

Today’s picture comes from my sister Mary who had a walk from Richmond to Hampton Court along the Thames today. The weather was much improved today. The wind had dropped and the temperature had risen so bicycling was number one on the menu. I rushed to get up and have my breakfast so that IContinue reading “Round and round”

Driven to despair

Today’s picture comes from Bruce. It is one one minute exposure taken last night at 2.15 of an aurora over Langholm. I am going to try to have a look tonight if the sky is clear. The weather was back to very windy today so I didn’t go for a cycle ride before playing golf. Continue reading “Driven to despair”

Infinitely busier

Today’s picture is of a strange plant sent to me by Bruce. It is growing at a fantastic rate near a new path that he uses to walk his dog. He wonders whether it is a triffid. With Dropscone away for the week umpiring juvenile golf matches, I have the cycling field to myself. IContinue reading “Infinitely busier”

Dodging showers

Today’s picture was taken while on a jaunt to the Thames by my sister Susan. It shows Billingsgate. It was a day of sunshine and showers and after breakfast, I went out on my speedy (relatively) bike in the hope of catching the sun and avoiding the showers. I didn’t quite manage it but IContinue reading “Dodging showers”

Watching brief

Today’s picture is the seed head of a clematis I got an e-mail from Gavin today to say that Professor Robert Black had picked up the remarks I had made last night after seeing the Lockerbie play and reproduced them on his on-going Lockerbie Case blog. If you interested in the ramifications of the LockerbieContinue reading “Watching brief”


Today’s flower is a  gerbera given to Mrs Tootlepedal by our son Tony on Mothering Sunday and still going strong. They seem indestructible. From a cycling point of view, I wasted today. The best time for cycling came in the evening when I had an engagement and though the rest of the day wasn’t tooContinue reading “Chairman”


Today’s picture, sent to me by my sister Susan, is of a magnificent dessert which she encountered on a recent trip to Nottingham to see our nephews there. The day started, for the first time for a week, as a day ought to start with a pedal in the company of Dropscone who is recoveringContinue reading “Heroic”


Today’s picture shows the new floor laid in the B & B bathroom. It hasn’t been laid with wood. This is one of those very clever surfaces that look realistic but are easy to clean. Dropscone went off to play golf again today so there was no pressure on me to do a morning pedal.Continue reading “Floored”

Having a ball

Today’s picture is a wallflower. They are coming to the end of their season but some are hanging on. Dropscone was too ill to cycle and was going to play golf (a paradox which those who know Dropscone will be able to decipher) so he was not available for the morning pedal. As it happenedContinue reading “Having a ball”