Hard times

Today’s picture is a grand tub of well sieved home made compost. What could be more satisfying? I was a bit tired when I woke up and the wind was blowing hard enough to rattle the windows so I rang up Dropscone and chickened out of the morning pedal. Mrs Tootlepedal went off to workContinue reading “Hard times”

Up before the beak

Today’s picture is a view taken from the highest point of Torwoodlee Golf Course near Galashiels. It was sent by Dropscone who was doing a bit of course assessment there. In the absence of Dropscone at work, I was intending to do a longer morning ride than usual but I was overcome by idleness andContinue reading “Up before the beak”

Sunshine and showers

Today’s picture is of a rainbow over Henry Street It was a day of sunshine and showers and the rainbow came in the early evening in the course of a really savage shower while behind it the sun was shining on Whita Hill. Luckily for me, the showers didn’t interrupt my outdoor activities. These startedContinue reading “Sunshine and showers”

Sticking point

Today’s picture is of a quizzical blackbird For the first time for quite a few days the wind wasn’t blowing hard this morning. As a result, Dropscone and I fairly whizzed round the morning run and enjoyed our coffee and scones in a very good mood. Mrs Tootlepedal had gone to get her hair cutContinue reading “Sticking point”

More than one visitor

Today’s picture shows Mrs Tootlepedal pricking out some nicotiana. They will smell gorgeous in the summer. The day started for me with a bit of a shock. When I went into the boiler room to open the back door and sniff the air, I found a broken jar smashed on the floor and a packetsContinue reading “More than one visitor”

Panic attack

Today’s picture is an allium. Mrs Tootlepdal suffered from severe allium envy when she read recently of a gardenĀ  that had hundreds of alliums in it. I say that it is quality that counts not quantity. I had an entertaining time for a while this morning watching modern parenting skills in action. First, the childContinue reading “Panic attack”

The red bike reborn

Today’s picture shows Dropscone with his bike back from the mender after it had been crushed by a car We were fortunate in being able to dodge the showers this morning as we went round the morning route. Although we met traffic at almost every junction, we got round in a reasonable time in theContinue reading “The red bike reborn”

Damp squib

Today’s picture is from the heart of London, sent by my sister Mary from one of her walks. This is the end of the Regent’s Canal at Limehouse Basin. It’s a far cry from the London docks of 50 years ago. I had arranged to go cycling early this morning but the weather was veryContinue reading “Damp squib”

Just ducky

I have two pictures of the day today because I couldn’t choose between them. They are both so fine that I am going to give the a bigger size than usual. The first is a picture from my sister Susan’s recent trip to Switzerland. ..and the second is from even further afield. Joyce has sentContinue reading “Just ducky”

A full day

Today’s picture shows a fine bunch of garden bluebells It rained very heavily during the night but by the time I got up, the weather was fine if cloudy. I had a quick mouthful of cereal and zipped down to Longtown to fetch my speedy bike from the bike doctor. On my way back, IContinue reading “A full day”