Another pedal, another tootle

Today’s picture is a gazania. It is a reliable indicator. If its petals are out, the sun is out. It was a lovely morning, the last for some time if the forecast is right, so I got the bike out and set off. I couldn’t go round the morning run because the Wauchope road isContinue reading “Another pedal, another tootle”

Yellow sky at night

Today’s picture, from another outing of my sister Mary, shows Windsor Great Park. It was a decent day today and I took the opportunity to put a vast pile of Mrs Tootlepedal’s garden cuttings through the shredder. There was a good mixture of green stuff and woody stems so the results should compost well. AlthoughContinue reading “Yellow sky at night”

Back to the fuschia

Today’s picture is of two horses in a field near Glenzierfoot It was a day of two halves today as they say. The morning was very miserable with steady rain falling. I put in some time on the E & L database and got a week and a half done which was a good useContinue reading “Back to the fuschia”

Turning out good stuff

Today’s picture shows the sparrows enjoying a sunny day in the fat ball fortress. It was a lovely morning so it seemed a good opportunity to go for a bicycle ride. I got out the speedy bike and set off up the Wauchope road once again, armed with two bananas and an energy bar. TheContinue reading “Turning out good stuff”

Not a lot happening

Today’s picture shows one of the hanging baskets in the High Street that Mrs Tootlepedal and her co-worker were watering this evening. It was a day of two halves, as they say; pouring with rain in the morning and brilliant sunshine in the afternoon. I was extremely jiggered when I woke up, probably as aContinue reading “Not a lot happening”

Open wide

Today’s picture shows some Roman ruins spotted by my sister Mary on her trip to Virginia Water.  They are actually from Tripoli and were brought to England as a gift to George IV .Very strange. There was no rush in the morning as a dental appointment precluded an early cycle ride and I wasn’t playingContinue reading “Open wide”

Not much action

Today’s picture comes from my sister Mary. It is a huge totem pole which she surprisingly encountered at Virginia Water. I had arranged a visit to the health centre first thing in the morning which put paid to any thought of pedalling. This wasn’t as annoying as it might have been because it was rainingContinue reading “Not much action”

Archive at work

Today’s picture shows the famous wall that was being renovated on Drove Road. Dropscone sent it to me. Although many people in Langholm worried that the repairs might affect the Common Riding procession, Dropscone’s worries have only concerned his access to the golf course. His way is now clear. He is not however fit toContinue reading “Archive at work”