Hard going

Dropscone did Forth bridges while he was in Edinburgh.  He went over the rail bridge by train, walked back over the mile long road bridge on foot and found time to take this artistic misty picture of the new crossing in between times. We had another fine day today but it was decidedly chilly andContinue reading “Hard going”

Seeing people, doing stuff

Today’s guest picture comes from my friend Bruce’s trip to the east coast where he visited the picturesque harbour at North Berwick. We had our coldest morning of the year here with the thermometer showing below zero when we got up.  It was dry and sunny though so I was able to walk up toContinue reading “Seeing people, doing stuff”

Out cold

Today’s guest picture shows Ely Cathedral.  My brother was obviously keen on visiting cathedrals in October. We woke to lovely sunshine which was very welcome after the recent rain but the weather gods hadn’t done anything about the temperature which was only just above freezing. I shouldn’t complain about the weather as the statistics publishedContinue reading “Out cold”

Gloom brightened by some gold

Today’s guest picture shows Inverary Castle in spring this year.  It was sent to me by ‘Garden Tour’ Nancy from Washington State, USA.  She met us in May with her husband Phil when they stopped at Langholm on a tour of Britain  before going on to the Highlands. We enjoyed, if that is the rightContinue reading “Gloom brightened by some gold”

Postponed precipitation

Today’s wonderful guest picture is another from my nephew Dan’s visit to Iceland and I put it in as a tribute to Iceland’s victory over the England football team.  Their win was almost as overwhelming as these falls. We have been promised rain for two days now so I got up early and was outContinue reading “Postponed precipitation”

Scattered showers

Today’s guest picture comes from a recent visit by Dropscone to Crail on the Fife coast where he was doing some golf refereeing in a pleasant spot. We had no sunny scenes like that here today.  Indeed the nearest that we came to seeing the sun was this…. …and as it was raining at theContinue reading “Scattered showers”

Down in the mouth

Today’s guest picture shows Kenwood positively glowing in the morning sunshine.  My sister Mary visited it for a breakfast in their excellent cafe today. We came to the end of our bright wintery spell today, although we kept the wintery part of it, as it was one of those mean days which feel much colderContinue reading “Down in the mouth”

And now, a big hand for Imogen

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother’s visit to Leicester and shows the Guildhall there. The named storms keep rolling in and we are about to be visited by Imogen.  Because the jet stream has obligingly shifted a bit, Imogen is likely to pass us by and visit the south of England instead of us.  Continue reading “And now, a big hand for Imogen”

Getting value from a damp day

Today’s guest picture comes from my Newcastle correspondent who has deserted our cool damp weather for the blazing sun in California while she visits her brother who lives there.  She sent me this picture of her children suffering from the heat there and being comforted by their cousin. We had another day of continuous rainContinue reading “Getting value from a damp day”

A farewell meal

Today’s guest picture is another from my sister Mary’s Lake District trip and shows the path to Easedale Tarn. If only I could have persuaded myself to get up at 6 o’clock when I opened my eyes to see strong sunshine outside, I would have been able to make the best of the day.  AsContinue reading “A farewell meal”