Bike shopping

Today’s guest picture is a vivid view of the south bank of the Thames at night captured by my brother a few days ago. It was a dry and sunny day and it would have been ideal for the morning run with Dropscone had there not been a very stiff breeze blowing.  It was stillContinue reading “Bike shopping”

A break in the weather

My brother saw the Thames in flood when he visited Oxford recently. We had a break from the gloomy weather today and very welcome it was too.  I had to take the car to the garage for its annual service first thing in the morning and walking back through the town, everyone I met hadContinue reading “A break in the weather”

The first tootle of the year

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by my Newcastle correspondent and shows what heights a grown man can reach when  the weather is bad. As far as our weather went today, the forecasters seemed to have been a bit over exuberant in their threats of gale force winds and lashing rain and we gotContinue reading “The first tootle of the year”


Today’s guest picture shows an approach to the village of Ilam in Staffordshire.  It is on the banks of the splendidly named Manifold River and was visited by my brother Andrew last month in pursuit of a cream tea. I had no need of a cream tea because Dropscone dropped in for morning coffee andContinue reading “Looking”

A short walk

Today’s picture of beautiful sunshine in London was taken by my sister Mary after her usual game of tennis in Regent’s Park.  She sent it to me to make me envious of the lovely day there. We almost had a lovely day here ourselves.  There was mist on the hills… …but sun in the garden….Continue reading “A short walk”

Another birthday

It was my middle sister Mary’s birthday today and the picture of the day shows her modestly raising a glass to herself in reply to a toast. We could have done with a bit of her London sunshine today as we had yet another grey day here.  It was quite a bit warmer than yesterdayContinue reading “Another birthday”


Today’s picture, in the absence of any sent to me by others, shows the bunting in Langholm which has been put up in anticipation of our Common Riding, known as ‘Langholm’s Great Day’, which takes place on the last Friday in July. Our spell of good weather continued today but fortunately for Dropscone and myselfContinue reading “Steady”

Morning pedal, evening tootle

Today’s picture gives a clue as to how much rain there has been around.  This is the six foot wide little stream in front of the seventh hole at the Hirsel Golf Club not long ago.  Not much chance of fishing your ball out under these circumstance.  Photo by courtesy of Dropscone. There was aContinue reading “Morning pedal, evening tootle”