A full day

Today’s guest picture is a seasonal one sent to me by Gavin and taken on Beaver Mountain in the USA by his son or daughter-in-law who are skiing there. We had a wonderful Christmas day with wall to wall sunshine and a much reduced wind.  Inside the house all was good as well with MrsContinue reading “A full day”

Flower power

Today’s picture is a windmill in Wales from my brother Andrew’s April album In an unsettling moment, we woke up and it wasn’t raining.  However, I pulled myself together and went off cycling with Drop.  My joints had objecting to raising my mileage to 16 per day so I reverted to a gentle ten milesContinue reading “Flower power”


Today’s picture shows just how fast herons can fly, as here it is today in London stalking my daughter Annie as she walked through a park. Mrs Tootlepedal was better today and the weather was worse. I was pleased to see a properly dressed dog going down the road. The temperature was above freezing andContinue reading “Flaky”