A day of decisions

The guest picture of the day comes from a visit to Wakefield that my brother made a few weeks ago.   The theatre there is a  handsome but modest building as befits a down to earth town. After some quite heavy rain overnight and a rather misty, murky morning,  today turned into a very pleasant day. Continue reading “A day of decisions”

The Wizard of Oz

Today’s picture was sent to me by my sister Mary.  It has been very hot indeed in London and it looks as though the majority of the population of that great city were out dangling their toes in the water at Parliament Hill Fields on Sunday. I didn’t have time to dangle anything this morningContinue reading “The Wizard of Oz”

A blast from the past

Today’s picture shows that there are fine canals in the south of England as well as the south of France.  This is a shot of the Kennet and Avon taken by my sister Susan on a recent visit. We had the third day of interrupted sunshine running today and some of us are finding itContinue reading “A blast from the past”

Hard work

Today’s picture sent by my son Tony shows Tash up a ladder.  It’s not every young lady who thinks that helping the family business by getting up a ladder and doing some painting is a bit of prime fun but Tash does.  Well done, I say. I had a treat this morning.  When Dropsone arrivedContinue reading “Hard work”

No birdies

Today’s picture comes from Switzerland. It shows Dropscone’s great niece, Lena having a walk.  And yes, that is a Swiss horn player in the background.  Lena’s mother tells me that he hides behind the tree and when he sees a tourist coming along, out he jumps and starts playing.  We don’t get that round here. Continue reading “No birdies”

More visitors

Today’s picture is from Tash and shows the fine weather that Tony, Marianne and Tash enjoyed in Menorca on their recent holiday. Here it was not the best day for photographing flowers as it was overcast and windy but nevertheless I had a quick look round to see what had survived the recent frost.  TheseContinue reading “More visitors”

Birds of a feather

Today’s picture is another sunrise, captured today by Dropscone on his way to supervise a golf event at Coldstream. It was a lovely day today, more like summer than autumn.  I didn’t go cycling which was a bit of a waste of the day but I was playing golf and there wasn’t enough time toContinue reading “Birds of a feather”

The birds and the bees (but no cigarette tree)

Today’s picture, sent to me by my son Tony, shows the sunrise over Elie in Fife where he was up early to work. It was the last day of our short period of wonderful weather today and I did my best to make the most of it.  Mrs Tootlepedal had to work almost all dayContinue reading “The birds and the bees (but no cigarette tree)”

Putting up with it

Today’s picture shows a battered toadstool on the golf course. Golf was the chief business of the day and as I was determined to try to play well, I didn’t go cycling in the morning first. This left my monthly mileage total a little lower than I would have like but still above the 500Continue reading “Putting up with it”