A lift, a swing and a tootle

Today’s picture is another from the series of morning walks from my sister Mary. It looks like Regent’s Park to me. There was no time for cycling today as I had a full programme. First on the list was taking Susan to Carlisle  to catch a train to London for stage one of a tripContinue reading “A lift, a swing and a tootle”

The bright side

Today’s picture shows a bee, dead centre on a cornflower I threw back the curtains to be greeted by a brilliant blue sky. It was the day for breakfast and a bike ride. I took the slow bike as I wanted to see if it was still making an ominous clicking noise after I hadContinue reading “The bright side”

Open wide

Today’s picture shows some Roman ruins spotted by my sister Mary on her trip to Virginia Water.  They are actually from Tripoli and were brought to England as a gift to George IV .Very strange. There was no rush in the morning as a dental appointment precluded an early cycle ride and I wasn’t playingContinue reading “Open wide”

Up and down

Today’s picture from my sister Mary shows a deer at Knole Park in Kent where she went today. No cycling this morning as the golf course called. I went up straight after breakfast. The weather was ideal for golf, the course was in good condition, my playing partner was ready…it was all systems go. ExceptContinue reading “Up and down”

Flying off the handle

The picture is a of venerable old gentlemen whom I went to visit today. After an early breakfast, Dropscone appeared and we set off on a re-run of the thirty mile pedal we did on Tuesday. I wasn’t feeling great at the start but we went out at a gentle pace and I soon foundContinue reading “Flying off the handle”

Puffed out

Today’s picture is from one of the famous borders in the garden at Sissinghurst and was sent to me by my daughter who went there with Mrs Tootlepedal on their great garden adventure. It was an absolutely fabulous day when I got up this morning with not a cloud in the sky. I took thisContinue reading “Puffed out”

A hill too far

Today’s picture is the new wider front gate that Ross made for us now in position. I was hoping to sneak out for a quick pedal before playing golf but it was raining when I woke up and I didn’t feel very perky anyway so I spent some time catching up on things to beContinue reading “A hill too far”

A day out

Today’s picture comes from my daughter Annie’s walks round the London Loop. This is a continuous walk round London and the latest section took in these Californian redwoods in Havering Country Park. Once again, the day started in a proper manner with a pedal round the morning circuit of 20.6 miles. The wind was strongerContinue reading “A day out”

Driven to despair

Today’s picture comes from Bruce. It is one one minute exposure taken last night at 2.15 of an aurora over Langholm. I am going to try to have a look tonight if the sky is clear. The weather was back to very windy today so I didn’t go for a cycle ride before playing golf. Continue reading “Driven to despair”