Going cuckoo

Today’s picture is of Mrs Tootlepedal’s favourite plant, an alium It was another ‘not a cloud in the sky’ day today. Because we were due to play golf later on, Dropscone and I set off at 8.30am for the morning pedal and the early temperature of 5º meant returning to some winter wear in spiteContinue reading “Going cuckoo”

No call for an ark after all

Today’s picture is of the regulars enjoying a little basking in the sun. The day dawned bright and more or less windless and the temperature was just above 3º so it was out with the bike for the morning run with Dropscone. A slight drawback appeared when I discovered that the front tyre was punctured.Continue reading “No call for an ark after all”

More action

Today’s picture, taken by my sister Mary, is of  a squirrel in Regent’s Park. This was the best day for ages, the temperature above 4º by 9 o’clock, the sun shining and only a light wind. The morning run with Dropscone and Chuck was a pleasure, if still not very speedy. Looking at the forecastContinue reading “More action”

A day of action

Today’s picture, taken by Dropscone, shows me practising my putting before playing nine holes of golf this afternoon. The day started with a bonus as Chuck Muir joined Dropscone and me  for our morning ride. It was still pretty cool but there was no danger of meeting black ice so we wrapped up well andContinue reading “A day of action”

From hero to zero

Today’s picture was taken by my sister Mary on holiday in the Lake district last weekend. She thought it would make a good addition to the tree trunk pictures favoured by Mrs Tootlepedal. The day dawned brilliantly and to make things better, the waxwings returned to the walnut tree. They came and went in smallContinue reading “From hero to zero”