The cold war continues

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew who took a walk in the Peak District last week and climbed high enough to get this excellent view of the River Dove and its valley  far below him. I was battling with the cold again today and although there were moments when I was quite cheery,Continue reading “The cold war continues”

Coming and going

Today’s guest picture shows three hardy chaps, unafraid to scale a tall building.  Mike Tinker spotted them from his hotel in Singapore on his way home from NZ. We had a curious day as far as the weather went.  It was unseasonably warm again (10 degrees C) but very misty when I got up.  InContinue reading “Coming and going”

Two good visits

Today’s guest picture is another from my sister Mary’s visit to Greenwich.   You get a  good view of the London money grubbing machine behind the palace from the park there. We had another calm, dry day and it was well above freezing so I had a choice of going for a morning pedal or goingContinue reading “Two good visits”

A slow day

Today’s guest picture was taken by my friend Bruce, who was on a trip to the east of the country. He had climbed all of the 132 steps up a dark, narrow, spiral staircase to get to the top of the  the Garleton Monument  and was rewarded by this splendid view of the country stretchingContinue reading “A slow day”

A profitable morning

Today’s guest picture comes from my neighbour Gavin who was in the Lake District when he came across this newly renovated bridge over the Newlands Beck and knowing that I like a good bridge, he sent me the picture. It was a very gloomy day when we woke up but at least it wasn’t rainingContinue reading “A profitable morning”

Scaling scone mountain

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew who has just got round to sorting through some more of his Marseille pictures.  This one shows the village of L’Estaque and a view popular with Braque, Cezanne and other famous painters. The wind did move round today as forecast but it was neither as strong notContinue reading “Scaling scone mountain”

Another quiet day

Today’s guest picture comes from my friend Bruce.  He noticed this fine work-in-progress  by a local artist on the banks of the Esk. I had birds, but not owls, on my mind when I woke up as I had volunteered to fill the moorland feeders in place of the regular fillers for Wednesdays who haveContinue reading “Another quiet day”

Stretching the legs again

Today’s guest picture comes from a recent visit to Nottingham by my brother Andrew and shows what purports to be the oldest pub in England nestling beneath the castle wall. The main event of the morning was an end to recent harrowing scenes of scone starvation  in the Tootlepedal household as Dropscone appeared for coffeeContinue reading “Stretching the legs again”

Into the woods

Today’s guest picture shows the public library in Derby.  My brother, who took the picture, tells me that it was built on the profits from beer.  I hope my youthful indulgences were put to such good use. The forecast had got it right, the weather gods had relented and we were given a perfect day. Continue reading “Into the woods”