Working seriously at last

Today’s picture is from the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square and was sent to me by my sister Mary Conditions were very good for the morning ride and Chuck and I enjoyed a pleasant pedal although we had to butt into the wind for the last three miles. Dropscone had gone to a funeral andContinue reading “Working seriously at last”

Static and dynamic

Today’s picture is of a siskin’s head. The only bird that stood still all morning. Today was the day of the RSPB garden bird count so as soon as I had finished my porridge, I set about counting the birds in the garden. You are supposed to count the most of any one sort thatContinue reading “Static and dynamic”

The benefits of old age

Today’s picture, from the camera of Dropscone, shows Arthur at work on the golf course. I was disappointed to find out that the better weather had not in any way abated his enthusiasm for indexing. Although it was not freezing this morning, Dropscone and I reckoned it was still too cold for sensible cycling soContinue reading “The benefits of old age”

A day with teeth in it

Today’s picture is of Chichester Cathedral and was sent to me by my sister Susan. For the third day running, we were able to get out on our bikes for the morning ride. As an experiment with Dropscone’s heart monitor in mind, we went round it the ‘wrong way’. That is to say, we wentContinue reading “A day with teeth in it”

Normality strikes

Today’s picture is of a squirrel visiting my daughter’s bird feeder in London. I am glad we don’t have to have such heavily armoured feeders here. Today was a red letter day. It started for the first time for what seems like months, with a trip round the usual morning ride with Dropscone. I admitContinue reading “Normality strikes”

Oh happy day

Today’s picture shows Mrs Tootlepedal departing for a cycle ride in the afternoon. This indicates a marked change for the better in the weather as she is mostly  a fair weather pedaller. The day started, as a day ought to, with a morning cycle ride with Dropscone. We didn’t go on our normal route asContinue reading “Oh happy day”

Apple pie order

Today’s picture is of a frozen Wauchope Today started yet again with an hour spent unfreezing the outlet pipe from the B&B bath. However, this time we think we have discovered the reason for the freezing even when the plug of the bath is in. Mrs Tootlepedal found that the condensate pipe from our new,Continue reading “Apple pie order”

Still plenty to do

Today’s picture is of snow in North London. On a nice day, my sister Mary likes to have breakfast outside in this cafe at Kenwood  but not yesterday as you can see from her picture. Mrs Tootlepedal started the day with what would have been a well deserved lie-in if she hadn’t got up inContinue reading “Still plenty to do”

It’s behind you

Today’s picture is of us getting ready to venture to Longtown after 2 ins of snow had fallen in the early morning. It was a bit of a double edged feeling to look out of the bedroom window to find the town beneath a beautiful mantle of gleaming fresh snow. Mrs Tootlepedal had to goContinue reading “It’s behind you”

Still cold but snowless

Today’s picture is a male brambling I was hoping to see the redpoll back again but it seems to have made only a flying visit. The brambling adds a bit of brightness to the everlasting snowy view out of the kitchen window. Although it hasn’t snowed a lot lately, the garden is in shade forContinue reading “Still cold but snowless”