Step one

Today’s guest picture, sent to me by my neighbour Liz, who has just been on holiday in Spain, shows a handsome monument carved from an eucalyptus tree that she saw there.  The ladder gives a clue as to its height. I had time for breakfast and not much else before setting off to Dumfries InfirmaryContinue reading “Step one”

Never a dull moment

Today’s guest picture is from one of my sister Mary’s walks. She was impressed by the disciplined formation of these gulls. After a couple of tumultuous days of wind and rain, we were blessed with a day of peace today.  The wind dropped away to almost nothing and the sun shone and all was rightContinue reading “Never a dull moment”

More than one flying bird

I am out of up to date guest pictures so I have resorted to a very narrow bridge over the river Dove which was crossed by my brother Andrew last month.   I am grateful for his generous supply of photographs It was a pleasantly sunny morning but sadly it was marred by an unpleasantly chillyContinue reading “More than one flying bird”

Some activity at last

Today’s picture continues the record of the riotous celebrations of Mrs Tootlepedal’s birthday.  After yesterday’s birthday porridge, today we saw the official birthday cake.  No expense has been spared. Mrs Tootlepedal would like to thank all those kind commenters who wished her a happy birthday and to tell them that she did indeed have aContinue reading “Some activity at last”

A wise decision

Today’s guest picture is that brand new word of the year, a ‘selfie’ taken my brother on a walk in October.  I have used so many of his pictures that it only seemed fair to show the photographer himself photographing himself. I had a day with few photographic opportunities but quite a lot to do. Continue reading “A wise decision”

Seeing the light

Today’s picture shows the 13th century Cathedral in Toledo which my brother and his wife visited yesterday by high speed train.  He thought that the journey was well worth while. It was a generally sunny, quite calm day today but as the temperature was only three degrees, I gave up any thoughts of cycling.  MyContinue reading “Seeing the light”

Food miles

Today’s picture shows a blind hurdy gurdy player whom my brother met yesterday in the Prado in Madrid.  Mrs Tootlepedal thinks that the best audience for any hurdy gurdy player, blind or not,  would be a deaf one as she doesn’t care for the instrument at all. I quite like it. As I was stillContinue reading “Food miles”

A Dark day

Today’s picture shows a clump of snowdrops on the garden looking a bit depressed in the rain and cold. I was a bit depressed in the rain and cold too as I was hoping for a cycle ride but couldn’t face the conditions.  Instead I spent a lazy morning of constructive idling until Mrs TootlepedalContinue reading “A Dark day”

From moorland to seashore

Today’s picture is another from my sister Mary’s recent riverside walk and shows a gull making its escape from the Tower of London. We had some hints of sunshine when we woke this morning, combined with some hints of snow to go with it.  In the end we got neither to any great extent, althoughContinue reading “From moorland to seashore”

Scaling turkey mountain

  Today’s picture, taken with and sent from Granny’s iPad through a miracle of technology, shows my daughter Annie in her smart and self knitted winter hat.   She would brighten anyone’s day up. It was a day that needed brightening.  I had gone to sleep with a howling wind whistling round the house and IContinue reading “Scaling turkey mountain”