A day of contrasts

‘The picture of day, responding to popular demand (i.e. Dropscone told me to put it in), is Dropscone’s grandson Leo.  Remembering that Dropscone reads the blog every day, I think we can all agree that we have never seen such a delightful baby. The Grandfather himself turned up on another grey, near freezing morning toContinue reading “A day of contrasts”

Dogging our footsteps

Today’s picture, sent by Bruce from North Berwick, shows the North Berwick Fire Station.  Sadly it has just suffered a catastrophic fire as you can see.   Only someone with no manners would find this funny. Another sub zero day and another visit to the gym, courtesy of Dropscone.  I felt a lot better today andContinue reading “Dogging our footsteps”

To be fair, it was quite a nice day today in spite of the continuing absence of Mrs Tootlepedal.

Today’s picture is another from Kevin’s colourful aquarium. After the dreary weather of the last two days, today was a welcome change.  It was dry, warm and pretty well windless.  Dropscone was on a visit to the dentist so I went out for a gentle saunter on the new bike.  I left myself a littleContinue reading “To be fair, it was quite a nice day today in spite of the continuing absence of Mrs Tootlepedal.”

Belt up

Today’s picture is the world’s fattest chaffinch.  (I need pictures from external sources.  Help me out here.) It was a dull and misty morning but it was warm and relatively windless so for our morning pedal we took the road to Paddockhole.  As we went over the hill at Callister, the low cloud and mistContinue reading “Belt up”

It worked out well

Today’s picture shows a chaffinch in the early morning mist. I had put my faith in the forecast and in spite of an enveloping mist and temperatures only just above freezing, I got up into many layers of cycling gear because my first plan for the day was to go for a pedal.  It tookContinue reading “It worked out well”

Battered to deaf

Today’s picture shows the English Channel town of Hastings, taken by my sister Susan who was visiting a gallery there. We are being led very gently into the colder, wetter weather and today was still fine but colder than it has been.  Rain and even snow are forecast for later tomorrow. Mrs Tootlepedal went offContinue reading “Battered to deaf”

Many a slip

Today’s picture is another from my brother in New Zealand.  It is a pied shag which he saw on a visit to a bird sanctuary although it is not a rare bird. It was raining when I woke up but by the time I had finished breakfast, the skies had cleared and things were lookingContinue reading “Many a slip”

Here and there

Today’s picture shows a New Zealand stitchbird which was attracted to my brother’s camera range by his mobile phone playing bird calls at it.  Crumbs, that’s clever! It was a fine, frosty day.  I thought it much too cold and potentially slippery for cycling so when Mrs Tootlepedal went off to work, I spent aContinue reading “Here and there”

Away with the birds

Today’s picture really does show the last rose in the garden on its last legs.  So we bid farewell to the yellow rose of Wauchope until next year.  (I haven’t the heart to dead-head it.) It was another good day for cycling so I made extra porridge and had two slices of toast to fuelContinue reading “Away with the birds”

I couldn’t resist it.

Today’s picture, sent to me by my daughter Annie, shows the sort of visitors bird feeders get in London. The first view from the bedroom window this morning was delightful but had a definite drawback  from a cycling point of view. That changed my plan for the day and I went along to John’s shopContinue reading “I couldn’t resist it.”