Here, there and everywhere

The picture of the day has been contributed by Zyriacus, a reader from Germany, and shows a bug hotel which he and his son constructed in his garden.  Everyone should have one. It was very nice of him to take the trouble to send me this picture and it is much appreciated. Today the sunContinue reading “Here, there and everywhere”

Stepping out

Today’s picture shows a bit of our old oak gatepost transformed by Mike, the cellist, who is also a skilled wood turner. Today couldn’t match the photo opportunities of yesterday as it was very grey and cold with a sprinkling of new snow on the ground.  There wasn’t enough snow to be pretty so itContinue reading “Stepping out”

Bird table

Today’s picture shows the large puddle which is now more or less permanent on the Scholar’s field and sums up our prevailing weather this year rather well. It was a possible cycling day but for no good reason I felt very tired in the morning and the weather veered from sunny to rainy and windyContinue reading “Bird table”

A short walk

Today’s picture is another from my brother’s recent walk. I had to endure another ideal cycling morning while I sat inside.  Dropscone didn’t cycle yesterday but he told me that he had been out today and I was very jealous.  Still, as usual, I had some birds for company.  This was before coffee. And thisContinue reading “A short walk”

An easy Sunday morning

Today’s picture, sent by Bruce, shows Guthrie walking his owners in Sheffield during the recent snow.  He should have stayed at home because it was much nicer here. I got up into my cycling gear as the forecast had promised reasonable weather early with rain later and I was very disappointed to find that itContinue reading “An easy Sunday morning”

Battered sole

Today’s picture features Guthrie on his very first walkies.  He brought Bruce with him. Everyone in the town was pleased to see the sun back today after a very gloomy week.  I was considering doing some resting on my bike but the sun was accompanied by a vigorous and chilly wind so I decided thatContinue reading “Battered sole”