Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew and scores high points as it has two of my favourite things in it, a canal and a bridge.  It is at Butterley. It was a beautiful day with a hint of genuine warmth about it but still with enough bite in the light wind to keepContinue reading “Gorgeous”

Two outings

Today’s guest picture, which was sent to me by yesterday’s visitor Dylan, shows his sister Tash’s pet dragon.  It may not look much now but just wait a couple of years and stand back when it learns to breath fire. A sunny morning warmed our aged bones as Dropscone and I headed out to GairContinue reading “Two outings”

A full day of photography

Today’s picture shows an Icelandic poppy in the garden.  They win the prize for flowering longest. Warning for those with not a lot of time to waste: This may not be the post for you as it has far too many pictures in it. The reason for the plethora of photography  is the Benty Show. Continue reading “A full day of photography”