Rolling, rolling, rolling

Today’s guest picture comes from our daughter Annie in London. She met a relation of Mr Grumpy. We had a chilly morning here with just a hint of frost about after yesterday’s clear night. As a result, I was more than happy to spend the morning inside while things warmed up outside. In among theContinue reading “Rolling, rolling, rolling”

Short day, short ride

Today’s guest picture comes from Mary Jo in Manitoba where they really know how to have a winter.  Her picture shows her cat contemplating the hard life that a rabbit has when it has to scratch up the snow in order to find a blade or two of grass. Although we have still got twoContinue reading “Short day, short ride”

On and off

There are two guest pictures from Clare today which show why Matilda was so cheerful yesterday.  She went on a boat trip round the Bass Rock with her aunt and cousin…… …and saw lots of gannets. (This one was taken by Clare with her phone while holding Matilda in a rocking boat.  That takes greatContinue reading “On and off”

2014 – a fairly good year so far

Today’s guest picture shows my brother’s scientific rain gauge.  His usual monthly rainfall in Banbury is 2″.  The scientific rain gauge recorded 6″ in one week alone towards the end of last month.  No wonder the people of Banbury were cross. 2014 crept in quietly with no rain and no gales.  Mrs Tootlepedal and IContinue reading “2014 – a fairly good year so far”