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Today’s guest picture was taken by Bruce on a visit to Sheffield.  He thinks that the car owner may have forgotten where he parked the car.

sheffield carWe had to put up with yet another  boringly fine and dry day today but we bore this with great fortitude and hardly complained at all.

Once again it was pretty chilly at breakfast time but at 4°C we were frost free and the garden continues to have some cheerful flowers.

I started the day by going up to fill the Moorland Bird Feeders as a substitute for Sandy who is on holiday in Majorca.

Apart from a large number of pheasants, who nearly knocked me over in their rush to pick up any spilled seed, there were very few birds of any sort about today.

The pheasants are learning new skills.

pheasantsThe females are less gaudy but very charming.

pheasantsI put out some seed on a stump near the hide which attracted a chaffinch…

chaffinch…but that was the limit of my photographic activities.

I got home in nice time to enjoy a scone and coffee session with Dropscone and then I walked round the garden with Mrs Tootlepedal.

The poppies are not at all concerned by the chilly mornings and are looking as good as ever.

poppypoppyI put some of the pink pellets out on the lawn feeder and these two starlings broke all records by landing before I had even got back to the house.

starlingsIt didn’t take long before they were joined by their pals and I must say, there is something about starlings on the feeder which is strongly reminiscent of boozy nights at the pub.

starlingsThey were soon put to flight by a jackdaw.

jackdawAnd in turn, the jackdaws made way for a rook.

rookI like the colourful show on and round the chimney pot outside the kitchen window.

chimney potNext, I did a little shopping that involved milk and honey….and coffee and more pellets.  Unfortunately I was a bit too early and the coffee supplies hadn’t come in but to show you what a great place Langholm is, the kind shop owner called round unprompted while we eating lunch and dropped the coffee off.

After lunch, Mrs Tootlepedal and I went off for a cycle outing to Enzieholm Bridge and back.  We stopped at the top of the first steep hill to allow Mrs Tootlepedal to remove a layer of clothing as it wasn’t quite as cool as we had feared.  This gave me a chance to show the autumnal colour on the hillside above the road.

Peden's ViewWe stopped again on the bridge over the Esk at Bentpath to show the interesting planting on the far side of the river.

BentpathThe view upstream from the bridge is one of my favourites.

BentpathWe passed a field with a pig and some alpacas but they were too far away for my phone so we made do with a shot of the newly refurbished bridge at the Glendinning road end.

Meggat water

It spans the Meggat Water

We reached our objective, the bridge at Enzieholm….

Enzieholm Bridge…stopped for a minute and then pedalled back down the other side of the river to Bentpath again.

BentpathBy this time, a large dark cloud had appeared and it looked for a moment as though it might rain.  In the event, we outran the cloud and were soon back in sunshine, looking over the Esk valley as we neared home.

Esk valley at PotholmWe managed our fifteen mile trip in just under two hours and were more than ready for a cup of tea and a dainty biscuit when we got back.

Mrs Tootlepedal had made some meringues with some surplus egg white left from a caramel custard so we ate those as well.

In the evening, we went off to the Buccleuch Centre to see a live screening of Hamlet from the Barbican Centre in London.  This was a celebrated production starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the great Dane.

He was very good.  In spite of some cutting and rearranging,  I thoroughly enjoyed the powerful first half of the production which took us up to the point where Hamlet was packed off to England with cracking pace throughout but I was very disappointed with the second half.  Partly this was to do with the excessively gloomy lighting and very bizarre staging and partly because the acting and diction in some of the smaller parts was unintelligible.  It seemed as though the director hadn’t been able to sustain a coherent line of development through the whole play and it ended with a whimper.  Perhaps the cast were just having a bad night.

Still, it was a great treat to be able to see such a prestigious production at all so I shouldn’t grumble too much.

I was tempted to use this strangely headless half-inch as flying bird of the day….

chaffinch…but I plumped for a jackdaw making off with a beakful of  pink pellets instead.


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