Singing, biking and shopping

Today’s guest picture comes from my Somerset correspondent Venetia. She has been visiting Cornwall, where she found this military display of sunflowers all in a row. Our sunflowers are not nearly out yet but the sun was certainly out here today, and we had another lovely summer day. We cycled to church in the morning,Continue reading “Singing, biking and shopping”

Carried away

Today’s guest picture is another of Tony’s seals among the seaweed.  That looks like an eider duck in the background. Apology: There are far too many pictures in today’s post.  If you like garden pictures of flowers, birds, bees and butterflies scroll rapidly through to the end and if you like views start at theContinue reading “Carried away”

Catching a train

Today’s guest picture comes from my friend and ex colleague Marjorie, who spotted this little fellow near her house. We had another sunless day today, a little warmer than of late and a little less windy.  The strain of watching the Olympics is taking its toll with several late nights and I didn’t do anythingContinue reading “Catching a train”

Sitting about in the sun

Today’s guest picture shows a bridge over the River Otter in Devon taken by my sister Mary who was visiting friends nearby. We had another day of wall to wall sunshine today and we are getting used to having some good weather at last without having to worry about the next rain shower.  It isContinue reading “Sitting about in the sun”


Today’s guest picture was taken by my brother recently when walking part way along the Ruapehu round-the-mountain trail in NZ.  They are obliviously very keen on board walks there. My day today, like all Gaul in the time of Julius Caesar, was divided into three parts.  The morning was spent cycling, the afternoon, recovering fromContinue reading “Peaking”

Cross country

Today’s guest picture comes from Gavin, who had the energy to go and admire the River Annan in full spate yesterday. The weather was quite a bit kinder today which was fortunate as we had a 65 mile to Berwick-on-Tweed on the menu.  It hardly rained all day and the wind was very meek. WeContinue reading “Cross country”

Getting the best out of the day

Today’s picture is a blue tit on the bird feeder A look at the weather forecast last night had told me that an early start to any bicycling round Langholm today would be a good idea. This proved to be correct and an 8.30 start got me round the morning run before a persistent drizzleContinue reading “Getting the best out of the day”