The lady varnishes

Today’s guest picture comes from Mary Jo’s trip to British Columbia. She was impressed by the thoughtfulness of this road sign. When I woke up in the middle of last night and saw a starry sky, I expected to find a frosty morning when I woke up at the proper time. I was very pleasedContinue reading “The lady varnishes”

Taxing day

Today’s guest picture is another from America. Mary Jane from New York sent me this impressive array of dogs in the charge of professional dog walkers. They would have to pay me a lot to do that job. We had another cold, grey day here today with the temperature not getting above 5°C. It isContinue reading “Taxing day”

Another blow

Today’s guest picture comes from my camera club friend Simon.  He was walking along the Esk near Canonbie when he saw these people having fun. It was a better day here today with outbreaks of sunshine and no rain until the evening.  Unfortunately, the persistent strong wind was on the go again and it madeContinue reading “Another blow”